Guide;Necromancer in Diablo 2 Resurrected

These are all the details you need to know about the Necromancer class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Find out what their attributes are, their skill branches, weapons, build and much more.


  1. How to play with Necromancer? Helpful tips
  2. Necromancer attributes
  3. Summoning Skills
  4. Poison and Bone Skills
  5. Curses
  6. Best build for Necromancer

The Necromancer is one of 7 playable classes available to start a game in Diablo 2: Resurrected . This type of character can summon the undead and curse his enemies. Next, in this post, you will be able to know its details in depth ; its attributes, abilities and what is the best build that we recommend for this class.

How to play with Necromancer? Helpful tips


The Necromancer class is perhaps the most difficult to play in Diablo 2. On the one hand, playing alone with this character is more risky than with the others, it requires good management and experience of their skills. For example, the Curses branch is very useful for team play, but somewhat limiting if you play alone.

Focusing on a single branch of the Necromancer will exclude you from playing others, so you have to choose very carefully beforehand what you are going to dominate with this class. Poison and Bone skills are generally very effective (especially late game), but getting started can be tough for beginners.

Obviously, the Necromancer’s stat distribution is based on improving Energy as the core attribute , while the important secondary attributes are Vitality and Dexterity . Remember that the weapons to use should be mainly those of mana regeneration .

Necromancer attributes

The initial attributes with which the Necromancer starts from scratch are these:

  • Strength:15
  • Dexterity:25
  • Vitality:15
  • Energy:25
  • Hit Points:45
  • Stamina:79
  • Mana:25

Leveling up

With each new character level you raise, the Necromancer will gain the following attribute points:

  • Health :improves by +1.5.
  • Stamina:improves by +1.
  • Mana:+2 buff.

Attribute progression

The stat progression with each Necromancer effect point is as follows:

  • 1 point of vitality:grants +3 points of life.
  • 1 Vitality Point:Grants +1 Stamina.
  • 1 energy point:grants +1.5 mana.

Summoning Skills

The skill branch of Summoning the Necromancer is the most important since it allows us to revive skeletons, resurrect the dead and create Golems and, therefore, it is the one where the most points are usually spent, regardless of the type of Necromancer you are.

Skeleton Resurrection (Level 1)

  • Effect:It is projected onto the corpse of a monster. Resurrect a warrior skeleton that will fight for you, fight on your side.

Skeleton Mastery (Level 1)

  • Effect:It is projected onto the corpse of a monster. Resurrect a warrior skeleton that will fight for you, fight on your side.
  • Prerequisites:Skeleton Resurrection

Clay Golem (Level 6)

  • Effect:Create an earth golem to fight on your side.

Golem Domain (Level 12)

  • Effect:Perfect the life and speed of your golem.
  • Prerequisites:Clay Golem.

Resurrect a Mage Skeleton (Level 12)

  • Effect:It is projected onto the corpse of a monster. Resurrect a skeleton wizard fighting on your side.
  • Prerequisites:Skeleton Resurrection.

Blood Golem (Level 18)

  • Effect:Creates a golem that shares the life it steals and the damage it takes with you.
  • Prerequisites:Clay Golem.

Stamina Build (Level 24)

  • Effect:Increases the resistance of all summoned creatures.
  • Prerequisites:Clay Golem, Domain of the Golem.

Iron Golem (Level 24)

  • Effect:Transforms a metallic object into a golem that gains the properties of the object.
  • Prerequisites:Clay Golem, Blood Golem.

Fire Golem (Level 30)

  • Effect:Creates a golem that converts damage it takes from fire to life.
  • Prerequisites:Clay Golem, Blood Golem, Iron Golem.

Resurrection (Level 30)

  • Effect:Bring a monster back to life to fight on your team.
  • Prerequisites:Skeleton Resurrection, Clay Golem, Resurrect a Mage Skeleton, Blood Golem, Iron Golem.

Poison and Bone Skills

In the branch of Poison and Bone of the Necromancer skills we find skills related precisely to these two elements and the use of them in combat (both styles and skills are bonus to each other , so practically all of them are useful).

Teeth (Level 1)

  • Effect:Fires a barrage of spiked summoned teeth.

Bone Armor (Level 1)

  • Effect:Creates a rotating bone shield that absorbs damage from the melee.

Poison Dagger (Level 6)

  • Effect:Makes your dagger attacks poisonous.

Corpse Explosion (Level 6)

  • Effect:It is projected onto the corpse of a monster. Explode and wound nearby enemies.
  • Prerequisites:

Wall of Bone (Level 12)

  • Effect:Creates an impassable barrier of bone and debris.
  • Prerequisites:Bone Armor.

Poison Blast (Level 18)

  • Effect:Transform a corpse into a poison gas bomb.
  • Prerequisites:Teeth, Corpse Blast, Poison Dagger.

Bone Spear (Level 18)

  • Effect:Summons a deadly bone spike that impales your enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Teeth, Corpse Explosion.

Bone Prison (Level 24)

  • Effect:Creates a barrier of bones around the target.
  • Prerequisites:Teeth, Bone Armor, Corpse Blast, Wall of Bone, Bone Spear.

Poison Nova (Level 30)

  • Effect:Emits an expanding ring of poison.
  • Prerequisites:Poison Dagger, Teeth, Corpse Blast, Poison Blast.

Bone Spirit (Level 30)

  • Effect:Releases a banshee spirit that follows the target or searches for one itself.
  • Prerequisites:Teeth, Corpse Blast, Bone Lance.


The Curses of the Necromancer skill branch is dedicated to various skills focused on cursing groups of enemies to apply disadvantages that are of great help to us.

Damage Increase (Level 1)

  • Effect:Curses a group of enemies, increasing the non-magical damage they take.

Blurred Vision (Level 6)

  • Effect:Curse a group of enemies, reducing their vision radius.

Weakener (Level 6)

  • Effect:Curses a group of enemies, reducing the amount of damage they deal.

Iron Maiden (Level 12)

  • Effect:Curses a group of enemies and causes them to damage themselves when they hurt others.
  • Prerequisites:Damage Increase.

Terror (Level 12)

  • Effect:Curses a group of monsters and causes them to flee in terror.
  • Prerequisites:

Confusion (Level 18)

  • Effect:The target attacks a random target.
  • Prerequisites:Blurred Vision.

Griffin of Life (Level 18)

  • Effect:Curses a group of monsters in such a way that wounding them increases the attacker’s life.
  • Prerequisites:Damage Augment, Iron Maiden.

Attraction (Level 24)

  • Effect:Curse – The monster transforms into a universal target.
  • Prerequisites:Blurred Vision, Confusion.

Decrepitation (Level 24)

  • Effect:Curse a group of monsters to make them slow, weak, and take amplified damage.
  • Prerequisites:Debilitating, Terror.

Stamina Reduction (Level 30)

  • Effect:Curse an enemy to deal more damage on all magic attacks. Reduces the resistance of monsters. Reduces the maximum resistance of hostile players.
  • Prerequisites:Weakening, Damage Increase, Terror, Iron Maiden, Gryphon of Life, Decrepitation.

Best build for Necromancer

If you want to know the best builds for this character class, check out our guide to the best Necromancer builds .

For the Necromancer we recommend the construction of: Necromancer Invocation and Necromancer Bone and invocation .

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