Guide;Hospital with Jill in Resident Evil 3

We tell you how to survive in the Hospital playing with Jill in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.

After finding the vaccine with Carlos, it’s time for Jill to stand up. We are going to explore the Hospital with her, and of course, we are going to do it thoroughly. Let’s get into trouble. On the table, next to the door , you will find Pistol Ammo and the G18 (Burst Model) . You decide if you prefer the one you wear. We recommend that you bring the following :

  • Gun + ammunition.
  • Shotgun + a full pack of ammunition (you should have more than enough, because we have barely mentioned anything about using it.
  • Red Grass (when leaving there will be a Green one to combine it with).
  • Ganzúa (very important).
  • Knife (in case the flies).

Investigate underground facilities

After the sequence when leaving the room, break the wooden box to catch whatever is inside. Go through the door and break another wooden box .. The Reception zombies should be dead. Don’t go through the door to the east, but remove the padlock . It would be the way to go, but you will remember that there were many more lockers … Exit to the Patio corridor and go west to open the first briefcase with Padlock . You will find MAG Ammo . Oh yeah, this is going to get interesting.


Continue east to the Laboratory Reception. Don’t worry if you didn’t kill the Hunter while running away with Carlos, he won’t be here. Enter lab Bard and picks, with his body, Explosivo B . When you go to the Emergency Entrance, a Hunter will emerge from the Operating Room . Go back and close the door. Wait a few seconds, open slowly and you will find it with its back to you, when you turn the corner to the left. Go for it with the shotgun, four shots at point blank should be enough. When you finish him, go back where you came carefully . A zombie will come from the crystal space, and three others from the Operating Room.

Remember that they will not enter the Reception of the laboratory , you can enter there and wait for them to leave. With the area clear, open the locker in the glass space and take Explosive Grenades . Now go up to the second floor.

When you finish climbing the stairs, go slowly and you will clearly hear the noise of a Hunter : you can see it to the right, next to the entrance to Sheets, through the furniture. Make your way up the roof and go slowly to the Staff Lounge . This time three zombies will rise . Kill them and remove the lock from the locker to get Shotgun Shells . Don’t go into the locker room. Not seriously. Do not do it. Well, do it if you want, but it won’t be because we haven’t warned.

Rearrange the inventory in the archive trunk. Advance to the Infirmary paying attention to the Hunter , he will try to get on you at the crossroads. At the Consultation, you can pick up a quality gunpowder can before going to Sabanas to open the locked box office. Inside there will be MAG Ammo and you will see that you can now discard the pick (if you have not opened the Reception door, then not yet).

Enter the Treatment Room and take Explosive A on the table to your right, as soon as you enter . If you didn’t kill the Hunters, go in very slowly, grab it, and run away. Now you must go to the pile of stretchers and tables next to the door of Infirmary . With Jill, you will be able to go under the beds and reach the southeast section of the second floor, which with Carlos was impossible.

Apart from a crappy stuffed animal that you shit, you will see that you can jump to the Patio . You will find a box and, inside it, the Lightning Hawk . Now you have to go back to where you started, to reorganize inventory. Be careful because in Reception, down the corridor that leads to the lobby , a Hunter will come at full speed . Stop him in his tracks with the shotgun or your Lightning Hawk. You should leave, for now, the magnum, supplies and everything other than shotgun and pistol + ammo, a healing item and the knife.

As you go through the tunnel you will find a wooden box next to the boilers. Then follow the only possible path to the garage. Down the steps, turn right on a green boxes, find Explosivo B . On a forklift you will see a Charlie .

Interact with the platform lever to lower. Grab the Green Grass next to the wheelbarrow at the back, then flip the switch next to the hydraulic platform, get on it, flip the lever and access the Hospital Subbasements .

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