Guide;Hospital with Carlos in Resident Evil 3

We tell you how to survive in the Hospital playing with Carlos in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.

After the brutal encounter against Nemesis in the square of the clock , Carlos returns to take charge of the situation. The goal is clear: Jill must be prevented from succumbing to the infection. The answer could lie with Dr. Bard, who claims to be the only one capable of producing the vaccine for the T-virus.

Find the vaccine

As soon as you start, in front of you, you will see Assault rifle ammunition . At the reception you will find some more Assault Rifle Ammunition and a First Aid Spray . Rearrange the inventory in the trunk a bit, in case you have too much excess baggage. Go through the northeast exit until you find two zombies. Be careful: just behind the counter, in the corner, there is another one that will stand up as you approach. Another will rise from the left side, and one more will come through the back door. The one who is leaning against the wall is also an enemy. Six zombies to eliminate, be careful.

When you clear the room, take the Red Herb on the counter, look at the padlocked door where you entered, and take the Spencer Hospital Pamphlet next to that door. Go ahead and, in the next corridor, go east (to the west there is only a briefcase with a padlock). It won’t take long to find a Mr. Charlie .


As you enter the next area, take the Recorder from the counter, read the Nurse’s Diary: 25 Sept. at the same counter, and grab the Green Grass from before going through the only open door. You will have three zobis in view , plus one on the ground next to you . From behind the glass you don’t need to worry. At the bottom you will see a box: the corpse on the stretcher is also a zombie . In the box you will find Pistol Ammo , and on the table past the zombie hitting the glass, Assault Rifle Ammo . Go through the only open door.

You will see that you are back in the corridor after Reception, but on the other side . On your right there are some stairs, on your left, you will see a door . Go up the stairs, the door will be closed.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the corpse means something bad. When you open the next door, be careful, the corpse in front of you is a zombie . Once you’re done with him, look by the door to find another Charlie .

Go through the other door on the roof to return to the hallway. Next to you you have a bed with Pistol Ammo . Go through the door in the northeast corner to get to the second secure hospital room. Inside you’ll find Pistol Ammo in a corner, Nurse’s Diary: Sept. 27. On a shelf to the right of the trunk, a Green Grass next to the typewriter and Assault Rifle Ammo on another shelf. As soon as you leave the room, on your left, you will see the Hospital Map on the wall . We are going to go southwest, to the “Sheets” area .

When you approach down the hall, you will see that the window is broken, there is blood and some yellow ribbons . Jump to land in an area of ​​the inner garden on the first floor and grab the Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle) .

From here, you will see that you can jump over a gap and reach the other side of the garden. You will find a Green Grass and a Locker Room Key . A little further on you will see more yellow tape pointing to broken glass. Grab the Assault Rifle Ammo from the stretcher, open the door, and go back upstairs. Go back to the southwest corner. You will lose the desire along the way, yes. Anyway, I told you to go to “Sheets” . Grab the Assault Rifle Ammo by the door and don’t jump out the back window , it takes you back to the garden and you don’t need it. Turn around and go into the infirmary .

The doors of the Consultation do not open until you are behind the counter . Be careful because apart from the three zombies that come out of the doors, one will also get up behind the counter. On the counter is a note, Note about a recording . The safe opens with a simple combination: 9 left, 3 right . Inside you will find a Double Magazine (Aslate Rifle) . Now enter the query. The corpse on the ground is a zombie , obviously. In the room you will find Assault Rifle Ammo , a Hand Grenade and a Green Grass . In addition, inthe trash can by the south door you will see a Mr. Charlie

Grab it all, go back to the main hall and go to the Staff Room to the east .

After shitting yourself when you open the doors, move on. The corpses will not rise . Take a look around the area and you’ll find another locked locker, the Nurse’s Diary: Sept. 29. On a table, Assault Rifle Ammunition and, in the background, next to the door, the Administration Circular . Use your key to open the door to the locker room. At the ticket office you will find a blinding Grenade , the Hospital ID Card and something else.

Go back the way you came and, after the sequence, open fire on the monster . Be very clear about one thing: I could kill you instantly. Not all blows are instant death, but the rajagargantas yes, even if you are full of life. He’s that cute, the bug. Oh, and you’ll need more than a full magazine of the assault rifle on its head for it to drop. It is wonderful. If you manage to shoot directly in his forehead, you open his head , revealing his most vulnerable point. Shoot in short bursts, every time I change position, and you might not get a nasty scare. That is, another. If you prefer, avoid using the hand grenade . In fact, you can dodge it and run away, if you move fast down the hall, it won’t reach you.

Go back to the Infirmary and use the card in the southwest corner to get to a hall that will take you to the Sheet room. As soon as you enter, eliminate the zombie in front of you . On the left side of the room there is a locked locker and Assault Rifle Ammo . In the central corridor there is a red grass and in the background there is another zombie that you must eliminate. Now you can unbolt the main hallway … but you sure know where you really need to go.

Yes, you have to enter the Treatment Room , where you will have seen the two Hunters when you were crossing the hall. Now we do recommend that you go in, make a couple of flourishes and try to make them both fall with the hand grenade: instant frog mince . If they do not die, you will have to finish them off with the rifle. Then grab the Cassette Tape and Assault Rifle Ammo and head back downstairs by jumping out of the window out of Sheets. Hurry up and enter the Operating Room to temporarily avoid the zombies .

Inside, hurry up a bit: grab the Green Grass , Flash Grenade x3 , Hand Grenade x2 , various Assault Rifle Ammo and Pistol Ammo packs . After the stretcher there is also a note, Lost and found . You should be able to grab everything and use the stretcher to waver the zombies out of reach. From the glass room they came out of, you can get Pistol Ammunition by breaking the box. Take note of another padlocked locker. Back in the lab reception, combine the tape recorder with the tape for use on the intercom .

As soon as you enter you will see a Green Grass (on the other side of the table) and, to your left, Assault Rifle Ammunition and Pistol Ammunition , Surround the room to see a sequence. Next to the corpse you will see the Invitation to the banquet . He keeps turning for the weed and some more Assault Rifle Ammo before examining the computer by the back door to read Nathaniel Bard’s e-mail and watch a sequence.

Open the door next to you and you will get the Vaccine Sample .

Give Jill the vaccine

As such, you simply have to go back to the entrance and give Jill the vaccine, interacting with her and using it from the inventory. If it sounds too easy, it is because it is not going to be. As you exit the lab, a Hunter will appear : if you hurry, you can walk through the door into the hallway and from there to the reception desk before it reaches you. You will be safe when you reach the lobby . After that, use the vaccine on Jill.

Defend Jill

After the sequence, save the game and remove all your weapons from the trunk . The idea is simple: you have to kill all the zombies that come in using your arsenal. Reserve a hand grenade , and go using the resources that you will find in the drawers . You can shoot the generators to paralyze them, and as soon as the lights go out, a Hunter will smash the door behind the counter . Throw him of the Granada hand out of the way, enters, take the waist bag after strip blinding and opens the map . You should see an exclamation mark in the corner of this room that says “Switch”.

Before the zombies recover from the flash, hit the switch and grab as many items as you can before heading back to the lobby. At one point a zombie-tentacle will appear , throw a hand grenade to kill him, because he is much more dangerous than all the others put together. After that, yet another Hunter and another zombie-tentacle will come out . After the sequence, roll a blinding, take the Trigger (if you didn’t already) and put it on C4. Hide in the room where the Fanny Pack was and drop a couple of blinding lights so that the enemies won’t get close until the countdown is over.

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