Guide;Gachapon and Shop at Genshin Impact

We explain how the Gachapon system works in Genshin Impact, what you can buy in the game store, how to make wishes to get characters, types of coins and prices, and much more!

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  1. How to unlock the Gachapon and the Store?
  2. Types of wishes in Gachapón and which one to buy
  3. Probabilities of wishes
  4. Genshin Impact store: contents and prices

The Gachapon and the Shop are two of the most important menus of Genshin Impact , the JRPG of miHoYo. As a free to play title of the ‘gacha’ type, we will visit these menus often either to make runs and see what we get from the wishes or to make micropayments directly . Be it one thing or another, below in this section of our complete guide we collect everything you need to know about the Gachapón system and the game store.

How to unlock the Gachapon and the Store?


First of all, let’s resolve this doubt; How do you unlock the Gachapon menus and the store? If you have just started a new game you will have noticed that in the first minutes these are not available. Do not worry.

To activate the Gachapon and the Store you must do the following:

  • Play the first stepsof the main adventure, complete the tutorial, follow Paimon, and more.
  • You will have to complete the first missionsuntil you reach the city of Mondstadt.
  • Once the Stormterror dragon appears and you defeat it, you will beable to enter the Knights of Favonius Headquarters .
  • From then on you will have at your disposal whenever you want the Gachapónmenus and the store .

Types of wishes in Gachapón and which one to buy

Genshin Impact’s Gachapon is basically the wish shop , which in other games would be the menu to buy “loot boxes” . From here you can check the banners available for sale , in these banners or envelopes you can buy spins to get characters or weapons in exchange .

There are generally two types of wish banners in Genshin Impact:

  • Standard wish:this type of wish is always present in the Gachapón store, it can be purchased with Encounters of Destiny or in exchange for 160 protogems .
  • Limited or eventwishes : these types of wishes are linked to a limited time and only appear in Gachapón during certain dates (always indicated on the banner), they rotate constantly so if you want them you must acquire them before time runs out. They can be purchased in exchange for Intertwined Fates or by using 160 protogems.

Basically if you want to be more likely to land good characters or perform gacha effectively, it is more advisable to go for limited or event wishes , as these contain top-tier prizes and a better chance of obtaining them compared to standard wishes.

Probabilities of wishes

In any of the two types of wishes in the game, you will be rewarded with characters or weapons of level 3, 4 or 5 stars (never 1 or 2 stars). In addition small amounts regularly can also get stellar brightness and stellar dust ownerless, which can be exchanged for items in the section of Paimon Gangas.

The more stars a weapon or character has, the higher its rarity and quality and therefore the less likely it will be that they will touch us. The probabilities of wishes are known to be as follows:

  • 3-star weapon:3% chance.
  • 4-star character or weapon:1% chance.
  • 5-star character or weapon:6% probability (the ratio would be 1 in 200 wishes).

Note: remember that before buying a wish you can click on the “Details” button to visit an official link on the miHoYo website with exactly all the possible probabilities and content within that wish.

Guaranteed 4- and 5-star characters and weapons

As you can see, it is unlikely to get 4 and 5 star weapons or characters when making wish rolls, but the game also applies a guarantee system so that everyone can get 4 and 5 star items if they make a lot of wishes. These special conditions occur in the following cases:

  • Guaranteed 4 stars:if you buy 9 wishes and you have not had any 4-star character or weapon until then, then on the 10th wish purchased you will be guaranteed one of them. This counter is reset in case of drawing an item of 4 stars or higher. The account is not transferable between different wishes.
  • 5-Star Guaranteed –If you’ve never earned a 5-star item out of 89 total wishes, your 90th wish is guaranteed to get a 5-star character or weapon. This counter is reset if a 5-star item is drawn. The account is not transferable between different wishes.
  • Guaranteed 4 and 5 Star Featured Characters and Weapons:When a wish roll is purchased with featured characters or weapons on the banner, there is a 50% chance for those characters, and a 75% chance for those weapons, that touch us as a reward. If the item obtained is not one of those featured characters or weapons, the next 4- and 5-star item is guaranteed to be one of them.

Is it better to make 1-in-1 or 10-in-10 wishes?

Wishes can be ordered 1 by 1 or 10 by 10 . This translates into the number of runs and the items we will get. In general, there is no change when ordering them one at a time or in groups of ten. The odds don’t change, although you may want to keep this in mind:

  • If you ask wishes 1 in 1:you will be able to better adjust your attempts to get items you want, since you can touch what interests you on the fourth print run, for example, and you will be saving 6 more runs that maybe you didn’t need ( you will also better keep track of the guaranteed items mentioned above).
  • If you order 10 by 10 wishes:you can save time to go faster or, especially, receive a special discount on the cost of Intertwined Wishes (as some have a discount). This option is more recommended if you are going to buy a lot of wishes at once.

Genshin Impact store: contents and prices

In the Genshin Impact store, mainly, you can invest real money with micropayments to obtain genesis crystals or protogems in exchange, two types of coins that can be exchanged to make wishes or obtain other useful items for the adventure. Likewise, you can also get elements with what you have been obtaining throughout the game for free.

In the store there are 4 purchase sections , they are as follows.

  • Recommended Items –Special offers that can be purchased to receive daily rewards for a period of time.
  • Gift Shop:Special packages for a limited time.
  • Paimon Bargains:Here you can buy destinations for protogems, or trade in starglow and stardust for a bunch of different characters, weapons, items, and materials.
  • Crystals Recharge:a section dedicated to Crystals genesis micropayments.
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