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These are all the details you need to know about the Druid class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Find out what their attributes are, their skill branches, weapons, build and much more.


  1. How to play with Druid? Helpful tips
  2. Druid Attributes
  3. Elementary Skills
  4. Shifting Skills
  5. Summoning Skills
  6. Best build for Druid

The Druid is one of 7 playable classes available to start a game in Diablo 2: Resurrected . This type of character dominates nature and can summon wild beasts and summon storms. Next, in this post, you will be able to know its details in depth ; its attributes, abilities and what is the best build that we recommend for this class.

How to play with Druid? Helpful tips


The Druid class is a very balanced one and can be used in combat both to cast powerful spells and incantations and to be a melee fighter .

Depending on the configuration that interests you the most, the distribution of statistics for the Druid will be different . For example, a summoning or elemental Druid should focus on improving her Energy points , while a shapeshifter should focus on enhancing her Strength and Vitality .

As for the useful weapons for the Druid, we must take into account the powerful and bulky in size, such as two-handed axes or maces .

Druid attributes

The initial attributes with which the Druid starts from scratch are these:

  • Strength:15
  • Dexterity:20
  • Vitality:25
  • Energy:20
  • Hit Points:55
  • Stamina:84
  • Mana:20

Leveling up

With each new character level you raise, the Druid will gain the following attribute points:

  • Health :improves by +1.5.
  • Stamina:improves by +1.
  • Mana:+2 buff.

Attribute progression

The stat progression with each Druid effect point is as follows:

  • 1 point of vitality:grants +2 points of life.
  • 1 Vitality Point:Grants +1 Stamina.
  • 1 energy point:grants +2 mana.

Elemental Skills

The Elementals skill branch of the Druid specializes in storm summoning powers or casting elemental damage spells (if you are transformed, you cannot cast some of the spells in this branch).

Firestorm (Level 1)

  • Effect:Unleash terrible chaos (0.6 second delay).

Liquid Rock (Level 6)

  • Effect:Throw a huge ball (2 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:

Arctic Burst (Level 6)

  • Effect:Shoot a blast of ice.

Rift (Level 12)

  • Effect:Open the bowels of the earth to burn your enemies (2 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Firestorm, Liquid Rock.

Cyclone Armor (Level 12)

  • Effect:Protects you from damage from the elements.
  • Prerequisites:Arctic Burst.

Whirlwind (Level 18)

  • Effect:Releases several small eddies.
  • Prerequisites:Arctic Burst, Cyclone Armor.

Volcano (Level 24)

  • Effect:Creates a volcano that ejects fireballs (4 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Firestorm, Liquid Rock, Rift.

Tornado (Level 24)

  • Effect:Create a tornado.
  • Prerequisites:Arctic Burst, Cyclone Armor, Whirlwind.

Hurricane (Level 30)

  • Effect:Creates a large windstorm (6 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Arctic Burst, Cyclone Armor, Whirlwind, Tornado.

Armageddon (Level 30)

  • Effect:Rain fire on your enemies (6 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Firestorm, Liquid Rock, Arctic Burst, Rift, Cyclone Armor, Whirlwind, Tornado, Volcano, Hurricane.

Shape Shifting Skills

The Druid’s Shape-Shifting skill branch is surely the most used branch of this class. It helps us to make transformations, in this case into a werewolf (more life and faster) or a bear man (more defense and more damage).

Werewolf (Level 1)

  • Effect:Transform into a werewolf (1 second delay).

Lycanthropy (Level 1)

  • Effect:Improves duration and life while in werewolf or bear-man form.
  • Prerequisites:

Bear Man (Level 6)

  • Effect:Transform into a bear-man (1 second delay).

Mangle (Level 12)

  • Effect:When in bear-man form, attack your enemies to increase additional damage with consecutive hits.
  • Prerequisites:Bear Man.

Wild Wrath (Level 12)

  • Effect:When you are in the form of a werewolf, launch furious attacks to steal more and more life from your enemies with consecutive hits.
  • Prerequisites:

Claws of Fire (Level 18)

  • Effect:When in the form of a werewolf or bearman attack your enemies with a fierce claw attack.
  • Prerequisites:Werewolf, Bearman, Wild Wrath, Mangle.

Rage (Level 18)

  • Effect:One bite causes disease.
  • Only for wolf form.
  • Prerequisites:Werewolf, Wild Wrath.

Shockwave (Level 24)

  • Effect:When in bear-man form, stomp to create a shock wave and stun your enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Bear Man, Mangle.

Hunger (Level 24)

  • Effect:When in the form of a werewolf or bearman, bite your enemies to gain life and mana.
  • Prerequisites:Werewolf, Bearman, Wild Wrath, Mangle, Claws of Fire.

Fury (Level 30)

  • Effect:Multiple attacks.
  • Only for wolf form.
  • Prerequisites:Werewolf, Wild Wrath, Rage.

Summoning Skills

The Druid Summoning skill branch is used to summon animal spirits that help us in battle. Note that summoned creatures do not provide passive bonuses to your character and you cannot have wolves and bears at the same time (or two spirits or lianas).

Raven (Level 1)

  • Effect:Summons the crows to gouge the eyes of your enemies.

Poisonous Creeper (Level 1)

  • Effect:Summons a vine to spread the disease to everything it touches.

Oak Sap (Level 6)

  • Effect:Summons a spirit pet that increases your life and that of your allies.

Summons the Spirit Wolf (Level 6)

  • Effect:Summons a wolf capable of teleporting to fight by your side.
  • Prerequisites:

Carrion Liana (Level 12)

  • Effect:Summons a Corpse-Devouring Vine and reclaims your life.
  • Prerequisites:Poisonous Creeper.

Wolverine Heart (Level 18)

  • Effect:Summons a wolf spirit.
  • Prerequisites:Oak Sap.

Summons the Dire Wolf (Level 18)

  • Effect:Summons an enraged wolf that devours your enemies to increase their damage.
  • Prerequisites:Crows, Oak Sap, Summons the Spirit Wolf.

Solar Creeper (Level 24)

  • Effect:Summons a vine that devours corpses and restores your mana.
  • Prerequisites:Poisonous Creeper, Carrion Liana.

Spike Spirit (Level 30)

  • Effect:Summons the Spike Spirit Pet.
  • Prerequisites:Oak Sap, Wolverine Heart.

Summons the Brown Bear (Level 30)

  • Effect:Summons an angry grizzly bear (1 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Crows, Oak Sap, Summons Spirit Wolf, Summons Dire Wolf.

Best build for Druid

If you want to know the best builds for this character class, check out our guide to the best Druid builds .

For the Druid we recommend the constructions of: Elemental Druid and Bear Druid .

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