Guide;Barbarian in Diablo 2 Resurrected

These are all the details you need to know about the Barbarian class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Find out what their attributes are, their skill branches, weapons, build and much more.


  1. How to play with Barbaro? Helpful tips
  2. Barbarian Attributes
  3. War Cries Skills
  4. Mastery Skills
  5. Combat Skills
  6. Best build for Barbarian

The Barbarian is one of the 7 playable classes available to start a game in Diablo 2: Resurrected . This type of character is a specialist in close combat and mastery of weapons. Next, in this post, you will be able to know its details in depth ; its attributes, abilities and what is the best build that we recommend for this class.

How to play with Barbarian? Helpful tips


The Barbarian class is clearly the strongest in the game when it comes to close combat damage . If you like being a direct attacker, this character is ideal for it. In addition, their war cries can improve their offensive and defensive capabilities (including those of the group), as well as reduce those of rivals or even make them flee in fear.

The Barbarian’s main damage distribution is centered on the Strength attribute , he can access almost any weapon in the game, although the barbarian weapons are the perfect ones. The most important secondary attributes are Dexterity and Vitality .

Barbarian Attributes

The initial attributes with which the Barbarian starts from scratch are these:

  • Strength:30
  • Dexterity:20
  • Vitality:25
  • Energy:10
  • Hit Points:55
  • Stamina:92
  • Mana:10

Leveling up

With each new character level you raise, the Barbarian will gain the following attribute points:

  • Health:+2 upgrade.
  • Stamina:improves by +1.
  • Mana:improves by +1.

Attribute progression

The stat progression with each Barbarian effect point is as follows:

  • 1 point of vitality:grants +4 points of life.
  • 1 Vitality Point:Grants +1 Stamina.
  • 1 energy point:grants +1.5 mana.

War Cries Skills

The Barbarian War Cries skill branch is one of the most important for any type of Barbarian that we are going to play since they improve the offensive and defensive capabilities of the character (and the group) and can make our enemies flee.

Howl (Level 1)

  • Effect:Causes nearby monsters to escape in terror.

Find Potion (Level 1)

  • Effect:It uses the corpse of a monster to search for a potion.

Scream (Level 6)

  • Effect:Warns that danger is imminent and improves your defense rating and that of your team.
  • Prerequisites:

Taunt (Level 6)

  • Effect:Enrages a monster that attacks mercilessly.
  • Prerequisites:

Battle Cry (Level 18)

  • Effect:Fearsome scream that reduces the defense and damage rating of enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Howl, Taunt.

Find Object (Level 12)

  • Effect:It uses the corpses of monsters to search for hidden treasures.
  • Prerequisites:Find Potion.

Battle Orders (Level 24)

  • Effect:Increases the maximum amount of mana, life and your resistance and that of your team.
  • Prerequisites:Howl, Scream.

Grim Pavilion (Level 24)

  • Effect:Create a terrifying totem.
  • Prerequisites:Find Potion, Find Item.

War Cry (Level 30)

  • Effect:Wounds and stuns all nearby enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Howl, Taunt, Shout, Battle Cry, Battle Orders.

Order of Battle (Level 30)

  • Effect:Increase all current skill levels for you and your team.
  • Prerequisites:Howl, Shout, Battle Orders.

Mastery Skills

In the Domain skills branch we find the specialization for different types of weapons and their Dexterity improvements, so here it is convenient for you to choose which skills you want to invest points in to maximize the damage with your favorite weapon.

Sword Mastery (Level 1)

  • Effect:Improves Sword Fighting Dexterity.

Ax Mastery (Level 1)

  • Effect:Improves Ax Fighting Dexterity.

Mace Mastery (Level 1)

  • Effect:Improves Mace Fighting Dexterity.

Wararm Domain (Level 6)

  • Effect:Improves Fighting Dexterity with the War Arm.

Launch Mastery (Level 6)

  • Effect:Improves Fighting Dexterity with throwing weapons.

Spear Mastery (Level 6)

  • Effect:Improves Spear Fighting Dexterity.

Increased Stamina (Level 12)

  • Effect:Increases Stamina.

Increased Speed ​​(Level 24)

  • Effect:Increases walking and running speed.
  • Prerequisites:Increased Stamina.

Iron Hide (Level 18)

  • Effect:Improves defense rating.

Natural Resistance (Level 30)

  • Effect:Increases natural resistance to elemental and poison damage.
  • Prerequisites:Iron Skin.

Combat Skills

For the Barbarian Combat skills branch we find substantial improvements in terms of damage, mobility and derivatives that the character can do when entering battles against enemies.

Bash (Level 1)

  • Effect:Powerful blow that increases damage dealt to enemies and knocks them down.

Double Oscillation (Level 6)

  • Effect:Hit with two weapons at the same time.
  • Prerequisites:

Jump (Level 6)

  • Effect:He leaps out of danger or gets into a fight.

Double Throw (Level 12)

  • Effect:Throw two weapons at the same time.
  • Prerequisites:Slam, Double Oscillation

Shock (Level 12)

  • Effect:Stuns your target for a short time and increases attack rating.
  • Prerequisites:

Offensive Jump (Level 18)

  • Effect:Jump and attack enemies in a quick assault.
  • Prerequisites:

Concentrate (Level 18)

  • Effect:Attack that cannot be interrupted, improves attack and defense rating.
  • Prerequisites:Slam, Shock

Frenzy (Level 24)

  • Effect:Each successful double swing hit increases speed.
  • Prerequisites:Slam, Double Swing, Double Throw.

Whirlwind (Level 30)

  • Effect:A circle of death dance that blasts a path through the legions of your enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Hit, Jump, Shock, Concentrate, Offensive Jump.

Frenzy (Level 30)

  • Effect:A powerful and reckless attack that increases damage and attack rating, but reduces defense rating.
  • Prerequisites:Hit, Shock, Concentrate.

Best build for Barbarian

If you want to know the best builds for this character class, take a look at our guide to the best Barbarian builds .

For the Barbarian we recommend the constructions of: Barbarian Whirlwind and Barbarian and Frenzy .

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