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These are all the details you need to know about the Amazon class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Find out what their attributes are, their skill branches, weapons, build and much more.


  1. How to play with Amazona? Helpful tips
  2. Attributes of Amazon
  3. Javelin and spear skills
  4. Passive and magical abilities
  5. Bow and crossbow skills
  6. Best builds for the Amazon

The Amazon is one of the 7 playable classes available to start a game in Diablo 2: Resurrected . This type of character is a versatile fighter who masters the spear and the bow. Next, in this post, you will be able to know its details in depth ; its attributes, abilities and what is the best build that we recommend for this class.

How to play with Amazona? Helpful tips


The Amazon is a versatile class in Diablo 2, able to easily adapt to various types of weapons thanks to its passive abilities. The main damage attribute of weapons of this class is Dexterity , while the secondary attributes are Strength and Vitality (you also have to take into account the increase in hit probability and defensive evasion).

As we said, the most useful weapons for this class are the ones based on dexterity, so you can choose spears, javelins, bows … Most of the effective builds of Amazon benefit from the objects with mana stealing , since this way you will be able to use your skills very often.

Among his abilities, there are three that are generally considered essential for this class, such as Critical Strike, Avoid and Dodge .

Amazon attributes

The initial attributes with which the Amazon starts from scratch are these:

  • Strength:20
  • Dexterity:25
  • Vitality:20
  • Energy:15
  • Hit Points:50
  • Stamina:84
  • Mana:15

Leveling up

With each new character level you raise, the Amazon will gain the following attribute points:

  • Health:+2 upgrade.
  • Stamina:improves by +1.
  • Mana:improves by +1.5.

Attribute progression

The progression of attributes with each point of effect of the Amazon is as follows:

  • 1 point of vitality:grants +3 points of life.
  • 1 Vitality Point:Grants +1 Stamina.
  • 1 energy point:grants +1.5 mana.

Javelin and spear skills

This skill branch of the Amazons focuses on the characters of this class who will use a javelin or spear as a weapon , either at a distance or in melee.

Lunge (Level 1)

  • Effect:Attack with a series of quick lunges using a javelin or a spear class weapon.

Lashing Power (Level 6)

  • Effect:Adds lightning damage.
  • Prerequisites:

Poison Javelin (Level 6)

  • Effect:Magic conjures a javelin to leave a trail of poisonous clouds (0.5 second delay).
  • Only for javelin.

Impalement (Level 12)

  • Effect:Increases the damage of the attack, but rapidly deteriorates the weapon.
  • Only for spear.
  • Prerequisites:

Burning Arrow (Level 12)

  • Effect:Magic turns your javelin into a series of lightning bolts.
  • Only for javelin.
  • Prerequisites:Poison Javelin.

Charged Lash (Level 18)

  • Effect:Conjure sharp weapons with charged bolts.
  • Prerequisites:Lunge, Poison Javelin, Lashing Power, Burning Bolt.

Stinking Javelin (Level 18)

  • Effect:Magic conjures your javelin to release expansive clouds of poison on impact (4 second delay).
  • Only for javelin.
  • Prerequisites:Poison Javelin, Burning Bolt.

Repel (Level 24)

  • Effect:Attacks all adjacent targets.
  • Only for spear.

Lashing Lightning (Level 30)

  • Effect:Conjures stinging weapons with chain lightning.
  • Prerequisites:Lunge, Poison Javelin, Lashing Power, Burning Bolt, Charged Lash.

Lightning Fury (Level 30)

  • Effect:Transforms a thrown javelin into a powerful series of bolts that split on impact.
  • Only for javelin.
  • Prerequisites:Poison Javelin, Burning Bolt, Pestilential Javelin.

Passive and magical abilities

This is the branch of passive and magical abilities of the Amazons. It is recommended to invest at least one point in each skill when it is available to unlock its advantage and bonuses (the rest of the points to spend in this branch depend on the weapon that we are going to use with the character and the statistics that we want to maximize).

Interior View (Level 1)

  • Effect:Brightens and lowers the defense of nearby enemies making it easier for you and your team to reach them.

Critical Strike (Level 1)

  • Effect:Your attacks have a chance to deal double damage.

Dodge (Level 6)

  • Effect:You have a chance to dodge a melee combat when attacking or standing.

Slow Missiles (Level 12)

  • Effect:Illuminate nearby enemies and slow their ranged attacks.
  • Prerequisites:Interior View.

Avoid (Level 12)

  • Effect:You have a chance to dodge enemy missiles when you are attacking or standing still.
  • Prerequisites:

Penetration (Level 18)

  • Effect:Increase attack rating.
  • Prerequisites:Critical Strike.

Decoy (Level 24)

  • Effect:Create a duplicate of yourself that draws fire from enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Interior Sight, Slow Missiles.

Evasion (Level 24)

  • Effect:You have a chance to dodge a missile or melee attack while walking or running.
  • Prerequisites:Dodge, Avoid.

Valkyrie (Level 30)

  • Effect:Summons a powerful allied Valkyrie (6 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Inside Sight, Dodge, Slow Missiles, Avoid, Decoy, Evasion.

Driller (Level 30)

  • Effect:Your missiles have a chance to pierce through enemies they hit.
  • Prerequisites:Critical Strike, Penetration.

Bow and crossbow skills

This is the branch of bow and crossbow skills of the Amazon through which we can specialize in several sections (the most important being Multiple Date or Bombardment and Directed Arrow, which are recommended to increase the maximum).

Magic Arrow (Level 1)

  • Effect:Creates a magic arrow or bolt that does extra damage.

Fire Arrow (Level 1)

  • Effect:Enchant fiery arrows.

Arrow of Cold (Level 6)

  • Effect:Conjures arrows or arrows with magic adding cold damage and a slowing effect. Cold Arrows only deal half normal damage. They always hit the mark.

Multiple Arrow (Level 12)

  • Effect:Multiply an arrow with magic, it splits into several arrows.
  • Prerequisites:Magic Arrow.

Explosive Arrow (Level 12)

  • Effect:Conjure arrows to explode.
  • Prerequisites:Magic Arrow, Fire Arrow, Multiple Arrow.

Ice Arrow (Level 18)

  • Effect:Conjure arrows to freeze enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Arrow of Cold.

Directed Arrow (Level 18)

  • Effect:Conjure your arrows or bolts to follow a target or search for one themselves. They always hit the mark.
  • Prerequisites:Magic Arrow, Cold Arrow, Multiple Arrow.

Immolate Arrow (Level 24)

  • Effect:Conjure arrows to burn enemies (1 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Magic Arrow, Fire Arrow, Multiple Arrow, Explosive Arrow.

Bombardment (Level 24)

  • Effect:Magically divides an arrow into several that pursue numerous nearby enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Magic Arrow, Multiple Arrow, Cold Arrow, Directed Arrow.

Frost Arrow (Level 30)

  • Effect:Conjure arrows to freeze numerous monsters.
  • Prerequisites:Cold Arrow, Ice Arrow.

Best builds for the Amazon

If you want to know the best builds for this character class, take a look at our guide to the best Amazona builds .

For the Amazon we recommend these constructions: Amazon Javazon with rays and Amazon Bow and crossbow .

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