Guide to the best Operators in Watch Dogs Legion

How to recruit new operatives, get the best agents, who to choose at the start and other issues related to the recruitment of the DedSec team

During Watch Dogs Legion, you control the DedSec hacker organization, which is trying to deal with military companies and private corporations that have seized power in London. Unlike previous games in the series, where the protagonist was alone (Aiden Pearce), in the new part there is no prominent protagonist. A whole team of DedSec agents are at your disposal, with random names, characteristics and appearance. You can control any of them. However, there is an opportunity to get stronger recruits. We will talk about this below.

Which operator to choose at the start

After you complete the opening mission of Watch Dogs Legion, the game prompts you to select the first operator to revive DedSec. You can choose by looks, look for the character with the coolest weapon, or use other criteria, but I would suggest digging a lot deeper.

Most gadgets, like a shock pistol or a rifle, can be used by different characters. It’s a must-have weapon and you can unlock it for any Operator. Therefore, when choosing a starting character, I recommend using the available perks and choosing the most useful ones. None of the operatives have some kind of eye-popping perks, but at the start it will be great to get a character who can buy cheaper clothes, have a bonus to earned currency (ETO) and so on.

If you prefer to destroy your targets, then you should turn to the starting equipment of the character. Not everyone has lethal weapons (pistols or assault rifles). Other gadgets are not that important. For example, it’s okay if your character doesn’t have a spider bot. There are always spider crates where you need it. There is no need to take a character with personal transport. You can use any car with an A on the windshield. This will not be considered theft. And there are a lot of such cars moving on autopilot.

How to recruit new operatives

Most of the new operatives can be obtained directly from the streets of London by talking to the desired character and fulfilling his request. But, before talking to anyone, I recommend looking at the character, holding down the mouse wheel and examining his data. If you like what the NPC has to offer, you can turn him into a playable character. After the conversation, a recruitment mission will appear in the journal. Usually you are asked to visit one of the restricted areas of the city, destroy the server, download data from it, or eliminate some kind of target.

How to change agent

Open your inventory and go to the Team tab. Select the desired agent and press G to play as him. On the same tab, you can change the agent’s equipment. To unlock new perks and gadgets take a look at the Technologies tab.

How to hire people if they don’t want to

However, not all Londoners are ready to join DedSec, especially if you are in an area where a riot has not yet been raised. But if you unlock the Deep Profiling perk, you can hire everyone, even those who don’t like DedSec. This is indicated by a red “thumb down” icon on the jailbreak screen.

So, go to such a character, look at him and hold down the mouse wheel. Then click on Q to add him to the list of desired agents. Open the Team menu and view the list of potential characters. Right click to examine the person. Go to the research area by following the marker that appears on the map and complete Bagley’s tasks. Then go back to the potential recruit, talk to him and complete his personal assignment. As you do with ordinary characters.

Qualified agents

Sometimes you can see a “green circle” on the London map. His appearance is accompanied by Bagley’s comments, which indicate a narrowly profiled specialist. It can be useful to you for certain reasons. For example, if your agent is injured, Bagley will advise you to hire a paramedic. And if the character has been arrested, then Bagley recommends contacting a lawyer to reduce the sentence. Talk to such characters, and then complete his task. Besides paramedics and lawyers, you can get a celebrity or weapons expert with huge barrels.

How to unlock Aiden Pierce

Aiden Pearce can be obtained with the purchase of the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass. You can also buy Aiden’s cap for 60 U-points. The Season Pass grants access to additional missions, a copy of the original Watch Dogs: Complete Edition, and three other characters – Rench from Watch Dogs 2, Mina and Darcy, a member of the Assassin’s Creed series.

How to get the best agents

London is divided into several districts. Each has its own experienced operator, but you can only get it for completing a unique mission. To unlock this London riot mission, you must complete all side activities marked with red markers. Sometimes you need to photograph evidence, other times – destroy the server or save the hostage. These are different, but usually simple and primitive tasks. When you complete all activities, the additional task from the category “Riot in the area …” will automatically start. Complete it and get a new, experienced agent. These operatives have some unique pieces of equipment. For example, a pistol with a silencer.

Here is a list of operatives by area of ​​London:

Camden hacker +
Lambeth drone expert
Nine Elms professional killer (hitman)
Westminster spy +
Islington and Hackney football hooligan +
Tower Hamlets experienced driver
Southwark anarchist +
City beekeeper +

The “+” sign indicates that the game has ordinary specialists of this type, but in this case we are talking about their enhanced versions.

Another option to get good fighters is to take part in fights in 5 different arenas in London. Defeat the champion and you can hire him as a recruit (but you have to fulfill his request, as is the case with any other potential recruits)


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