Guide to devices and throwing weapons in Battlefield 2042

A description of all the gadgets, gadgets, and throwing weapons available in the standard Battlefield 2042 modes and the Portal creative component

The main modes of Battlefield 2042 (excluding Creative Portal) have a total of 16 different gear items, which fall into two categories:

  • 5 items from the category “Throwing weapons”
  • 11 gadgets

After the first launch of the game, you will receive a couple of unlocked projectiles and gadgets so that you do not go into battle empty-handed. When customizing your fighter, you will be able to choose one item from each category. In the same place where you customize your weapon and specialist. In this guide, we will tell you about each gadget and throwing weapon, how to unlock new ones, give their description and tips for practical use.

The first thing to look out for is that all items will unlock as you level up your account. In turn, the account level rises due to the experience points that you get for kills, achieving goals and other actions. That is, all that is required of you is to play Battlefield 2042 and the game will reward you with new weapons, gadgets and even specialists.

Throwing weapons

  • Frag Grenade – Available by default. Tactical anti-personnel explosive device with a delayed-action fuse. Deals minor damage to light vehicles. It is quite obvious that such grenades are suitable for destroying enemy specialists and soldiers under the control of AI and are absolutely useless against light armored personnel carriers and even more so tanks.
  • Smoke Grenade – Unlocks at Level 12. Used to provide cover during an advance or retreat, or to distract enemies. Perfect for the case when you need to cover an ally in order to revive him and return to the ranks.
  • Proximity Sensor – Unlocks at level 22. Uploads information about the positions of all nearby opponents to the combat network.
  • EMP Grenade – Unlocks at level 30. Disrupts the operation of the vehicle and infantry interface system. A very useful thing against tanks. Yes, with its help you will not be able to destroy the tank, but at least slow it down and be able to hide.
  • Incendiary Grenade – Unlocks at Level 42. Terrain control weapon. Useful for blocking approaches or smoking out deep entrenched enemies. For example, against an enemy engineer who has erected defensive structures.


  • Medical box – available by default. Restores health to all nearby allies, healing injuries sustained. A powerful tool for increasing the survivability of the squad.
  • Ammo Crate – Available by default. Large warehouse with supplies. Replenishes the supply of explosives and ammunition. Automatically replenishes ammo to allies within range.
  • M5 Grenade Launcher – Available by default. 84 mm grenade launcher. General purpose explosive weapon for direct fire. It is primarily used against enemy armored vehicles, but with proper dexterity, it can also be used against infantry, aircraft and structures.
  • Repair Tool – Available by default. Welding machine. In the right hands, he will repair almost any damage to equipment right on the battlefield.
  • Anti-aircraft missile FXM-33 – unlocks at level 2. Portable anti-aircraft missile system. Aim at the enemy aircraft and launch, and the rocket will track the target by itself.
  • Interceptor Armor Plates – Unlocks at level 4. Combined arms protective insert of the latest generation. The composite gel-ceramic impact plate provides a layer of ballistic protection. Suitable for use in tactical body armor.
  • Explosive C5 – Unlocks at level 9. Composite charge C5 with remote detonator. Attaches to any target, including vehicles. Great for destroying armored vehicles. Place multiple charges to make the explosion stronger.
  • Landing Lighthouse – Unlocks at level 16. Allows allies to spawn at this point. Place in hidden locations deep behind enemy lines.
  • Syringe Pen – Unlocks at level 26. Emergency medical booster for self-use. Allows you to heal yourself.
  • Anti-Tank Mine – Unlocks at level 38. An explosive device for the destruction of armored vehicles, which is triggered under passing vehicles. It is recommended to mask it for the best effect.
  • SOFLAM – Unlocks at level 56. Target designator. Marks targets with a laser, allowing allies to simultaneously capture them using different types of smart weapons.

Portal gadgets and throwing weapons

Portal is a sandbox mode in the newest part of Battlefield 2042. It differs significantly from the main game modes, as it allows players to immerse themselves in the surroundings of multiplayer maps from previous games in the series. And since their events unfold at a completely different time, the list of available gadgets will be different. There are 30 gadgets in total, and we’ll talk about them below.

The main thing to pay attention to – unlike the main modes of Battlefield 2042, most devices are available only to characters of specific classes.

Devices and missiles from Battlefield 1942

  • MKII grenade.
  • Pomegranate with a handle.
  • Explosives set.
  • Mine (Engineer Only).

Devices and throwing weapons from Battlefield Bad Company 2

  • Fragmentation grenade.
  • Explosives C4 (attack aircraft and scout only).
  • Defibrillator (Medic only).
  • RPG-7 (Engineer only).
  • PT mine (engineer only).
  • M136 AT4 (Engineer only) – Disposable anti-tank missile.
  • Mortar strike (scout only).

Battlefield 3 gadgets and throwing weapons

  • M67 grenade.
  • Defibrillator (Stormtrooper only).
  • Explosive C4 (Support only).
  • M18 Claymore (support only).
  • SMAW (Engineer only) – Multipurpose Shoulder Assault Rig.
  • RPG 7B2 (engineer only) – anti-tank rocket launcher.
  • The FIM-92 Stinger (Engineer only) is an excellent portable infrared-guided anti-aircraft launcher.
  • The SA-18 Igla (engineer only) is a Russian man-portable anti-aircraft missile system that is similar in targeting to the Stinger.
  • FGM-148 Javelin (Engineer only) – Homing missile launcher.
  • Anti-tank mine (engineer only).
  • OVU-robot (engineer only) – can repair or damage equipment.
  • Radio beacon (reconnaissance only) – allows you to set an additional point for the resurrection of the squad.
  • The MAV (reconnaissance only) is a micro-flying aircraft reminiscent of Kasper’s 2042 reconnaissance drone.
  • SOFLAM (Scout only) – Allows you to mark enemy vehicles for a pinpoint strike. It can work offline and mark goals even without your participation.

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