Guide to Iktikaf Substitute Worship at Home

Pandemic corona virus infection (Covid-19) makes worship impossible in mosques, including iktikaf in Ramadan. Nevertheless, you can do iktikaf substitute worship while at home.

Iktikaf is a worship that is done by staying or staying in the mosque with the intention of worshiping Allah. Iktikaf may be done at any time, but mainly on the nights of Ramadan. Iktikaf is one of the worship services to reach the night of Laylat al-Qadr.

Ustaz Syafiq Hasyim explained, people who have faith must meet the requirements of a Muslim, mature and intelligent, and pure from hadas. Whereas the iktikaf pillars are intention and stay in the mosque.

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A number of opinions have emerged about iktikaf at home during the corona virus pandemic.

“For the iktikaf, four schools agree on the mosque. The problem is that there is Covid-19, where it is feared to be infected .

The following guidelines for worship substitutes for iktikaf when at home.

1. Performed in a special place
Ustaz Mahfud said, iktikaf at home can be done by creating a special place to worship at home. That place must be a clean place.

“A clean and fragrant place, namely qiyas  [decrees] prayers,” said Ustaz Mahfud.

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  1. Followed by the
    Iktikaf worshipcarried out in silence while worshiping quietly. Worship that can be done while doing diiktikaf is muhasabah or self-evaluation, repentance, remembrance, to reading the Koran.

    “It can be done by reflecting yourself before God, about human weakness or goodness, and also the majesty of God. The point is that there is a lot to remember God,” Muslim scholar,
    When worshiping at home, not many changes in worship and practices are made. Anyone can pray, repent, dhikr, to read the Koran.
    It can also be filled by performing various sunnah prayers such as repentance prayer, tahajud prayer, hajat prayer.
    Guidance for iktikaf replacement worship while at home can be done as one of the worship services to reach the night of Laylat al-Qad

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