Guide: How to level up a faction in New World

The multiplayer role-playing game from Amazon called New World has not yet been released, but has already become popular, has acquired loyal players and at the same time has questions about game mechanics. In this guide, we briefly talk about the faction system.

This is a guide to the game in beta testing by the community. In the release version, its mechanics may work differently.

How the faction system works

Having reached the 10th level, the player can choose which of the factions – associations fighting for control of Eternum – he will join. There are only three of them available:

  • Marauders (Maradeurs) – a paramilitary organization that seeks to create a free society;
  • Syndicate (Syndicate) – a secret association engaged in the search for forbidden knowledge;
  • The Covenant is an order of fanatics that cleanses the land of heretics.

Once you choose, you can complete special tasks and get special equipment.

The higher the influence of your faction, the more control it has over a certain area. When the control level reaches the highest level, the territory becomes available for capture (you can declare war).

How to level up a faction

The more successful the faction’s indicators, the more bonuses you receive. If the territory is controlled by your brothers, the prices in the workshops will be lower. Fast travel will also become cheaper.

You can strengthen or weaken the influence of a faction by completing PvP missions of factions in a specific territory. Typically, these tasks involve gathering information, delivering messages or items, and patrolling the area.

Please note: as soon as you accept a PvP mission, the game will designate you as a player available for battles with other players. To exit this mode, you have to complete the mission (or die).

The game will offer you, of course, PvE tasks, but they are only suitable for pumping your character. They will not affect the power of the faction you have chosen. This is due to the fact that such quests can be completed together with players belonging to other factions.

How to increase reputation in a faction

Complete quests

You will earn reputation points by completing faction quests – both PvE and PvP. For their fulfillment, by the way, you will also receive fractional currency, for which you can purchase exclusive clothing and equipment.

Fight other players

Alternatively, you can simply fight other players. Depending on how long your opponent has been alive, you can get up to several hundred reputation points and units of faction currency.

At the same time, there is no particular point in farming on low-level players – more exhaust comes from clashes with more or less equal opponents.

How to get a new rank

Each faction has a total of 5 ranks:

  1. Soldier (very first rank, does not require leveling).
  2. Gladiator (requires 3000 points).
  3. Ravager (11,000 points).
  4. Destroyer (26,000 points).
  5. Commander (49,000 points).

If you hit the ceiling for pumping your reputation (say, 3000 points), then go to the NPC of your faction to get a quest for a new rank.

If your faction NPC does not issue new leveling quests, pump your character to the next level. The game itself, according to the plot, will send you to a new city, where the NPC of your faction will helpfully issue a quest to increase the rank. If a representative of the faction does not issue such a quest, go to another.

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