Guide: Fish Pond in Genshin Impact (Where to Get Ornamental Fish)

Along with update 2.1, Genshin Impact added not only fishing (we already wrote about how it works), but also the ability to breed ornamental fish in the Teapot of Serenity. We will explain how this mechanic works in this guide.

Where to get a fish pond (Sapphire Grace Lake)

A drawing of a reservoir into which decorative fish can be released can be obtained from the representative of the Teytvat Fishermen’s Association. Your path leads to Jia Wei. It can be found in Li Yue Harbor Port.

The “Lake of Sapphire Grace” blueprint will cost you 10 oryzias .

Locations where these fish are found can be found in every region of Teytvat, although most of them are in Mondsstadt (see screenshots below).

To craft the Lake of Sapphire Grace in the Kettle, you will need:

  • 8 units of Fragrant Cedar;
  • 4 White Iron Pieces;
  • 16 hours.

Once you make your pond, you just need to set it up in the Teapot of Serenity. It may be necessary to set aside a separate area of ​​the monastery for it: this item “weighs” so much that other large buildings or sets of decorations may not fit.

Where to get decorative fish for the pond

All fish in the game are divided into two types: regular and decorative. The first can either be exchanged for items in fishing shops, or processed into fish fillets for cooking, but the second is only needed for beauty. Ornamental fish can be kept as pets in Sapphire Grace Lake.

Each of the fish species present in the game has a decorative version, but these decorative fish spawn randomly , so you have to rely on luck. You can understand that there is an ornamental fish in a lake or river even before you start fishing. When you stand in the distance, the fishing spot is indicated by stronger than usual ripples on the surface of the reservoir and a column of bluish light above the fishing spot.

As soon as you get closer, you will see one or more fish jumping out of the water. It is these jumping fish that are decorative. If you catch them, they will not go to your standard inventory, but to the teapot decorations section.

How to breed fish

Alas, it is impossible to breed fish (that is, to put it in a reservoir, and then catch it as prey). One can only admire: The Sapphire Grace Lake is, in fact, a decorative aquarium.

To release the fish into the pond, move to the Teapot of Serenity, climb onto the platform by the Sapphire Grace Lake and press the action button to open the corresponding menu.

Up to 5 fish can be released into one pond.

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