Guide: Coordinates of the islands in the Sea of ​​Thieves

There are a lot of islands in Sea of ​​Thieves , so finding them all by yourself is quite difficult. To make it easier for the conquerors of the seas to navigate in this variety, we have prepared a list of all the islands in alphabetical order with their coordinates. Happy sailing!

Maps in Russian and English

Coordinates of the islands

Name Coordinates Region
Black Water Enclave R-5 Wild Lands
Black Sand Atoll O-3 Wild Lands
Plunderer’s Plight Q-6 Wild Lands
Cursewater Shores Y-13 Devil’s Throat
Shark Bait Cove H-19 / H-20 Ancient Islands
Ruby’s Fall Y-16 Devil’s Throat
Scorched Pass X-11 Devil’s Throat
Pebble Bank (Boulder Cay) G-5 The Shores of Abundance
Snake Island K-15 / K-16 Ancient Islands
Lookout Point I-20 / J-20 Ancient Islands
Plunder Valley F-16 / G-16 Ancient Islands
The Devil’s Thirst W-21 Devil’s Throat
Shipwreck Bay M-10 / M-11 Wild Lands
Smugglers’ Bay E-3 / F-3 / F-4 The Shores of Abundance
Protected spring (Paradise Spring) L-17 Ancient Islands
The Sunken Grove O-7 / P-7 Wild Lands
Crook’s Hollow M-16 / N-16 Ancient Islands
Flintlock Peninsula W-14 / W-15 Devil’s Throat
The Crooked Masts O-11 Wild Lands
Chicken Isle I-16 Ancient Islands
Fools Lagoon I-14 Ancient Islands
Blind Man’s Lagoon N-6 / O-6 Wild Lands
Lagoon of Whispers D-12 / D-13 The Shores of Abundance
Lair of the Scoundrels (Scurvy Isley) K-4 Wild Lands
Glowstone Cay Z-18 / Z-19 Devil’s Throat
Sea sands (Salty Sands) G-3 / G-4 / H-4 The Shores of Abundance
Sailor’s Bounty B-4 / B-5 / C-4 The Shores of Abundance
Flame’s End V-19 Devil’s Throat
Magma’s Tide Y-20 Devil’s Throat
Lone Cove H-6 The Shores of Abundance
Lonely Isle G-8 The Shores of Abundance
Lonely Cliff (Forsaken Brink) T-16 / U-16 Devil’s Throat
Eye of the Storm (Shiver Retreat) Q-11 Wild Lands
Pirate Palms (Picaroon Palms) I-4 The Shores of Abundance
Ashen Reaches U-23 / V-23 Devil’s Throat
Sandy Shallows D-5 / E-5 The Shores of Abundance
Kraken’s Fall R-12 / R-13 Wild Lands
Crescent Isle B-9 / C-9 The Shores of Abundance
Isle of Last Words O-9 Wild Lands
Castaway Isle K-14 Ancient Islands
Smuggler’s Shelter (Rum Runner Isle) H-9 / I-9 The Shores of Abundance
Wanderers Refuge F-12 / F-13 / G-12 The Shores of Abundance
Piercing Shoal (Rapier Cay) D-8 The Shores of Abundance
Cannon Cove F-10 / G-9 / G-10 The Shores of Abundance
Marauder’s Arch Q-3 / Q-4 Wild Lands
Barnacle Cay O-15 / O-16 Ancient Islands
Roaring Sands U-21 Devil’s Throat
Shark Tooth Key P-13 Wild Lands
Twin Groves H-11 The Shores of Abundance
Mermaid’s Hideaway B-13 / C-13 The Shores of Abundance
Saber Shoal (Cutlass Cay) M-18 Ancient Islands
Brimstone Rock X-18 / Y-18 Devil’s Throat
Old treasure (Booty Isle) K-20 Ancient Islands
Old Salts Atoll F-18 / F-19 Ancient Islands
Old Faithful Isle M-4 / M-5 / N-4 Wild Lands
Three cliffs (Tri-Rock Isle) R-10 Wild Lands
Thieves’ Haven L-19 / L-20 / M-19 Ancient Islands
Sea Dog’s Rest C-11 The Shores of Abundance
Fetcher’s Rest V-12 Devil’s Throat
Coal (Cinder Islet) U-14 Devil’s Throat
Mutineer Rock N-19 Ancient Islands
Devil’s Ridge P-19 Ancient Islands
Liar’s Backbone S-11 Wild Lands
Discovery Ridge D-17 / E-17 Ancient Islands


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