Guide: Coordinates of outposts, forts and trading posts in Sea of ​​Thieves

There are three types of useful locations in Sea of ​​Thieves . Some of them are inhabited islands, the inhabitants of which can offer various services to sailors.

Maps in Russian and English

Outpost coordinates

Outposts are large island settlements. This is where players and their ships appear at the start of the game. In addition, here the game can throw an unlucky pirate, whose ship has gone to the bottom.

Representatives of trading companies are based in outposts, from which you can buy tasks, emissary flags, some cosmetics and achievements. An emissary table is installed next to each of them. In addition, shops with cosmetic enhancements for certain types of items can be found in each outpost.

And lovers of collecting everything that is not nailed to the floor can find barrels with consumable items (cores, boards, etc.) in these locations.

Name Coordinates Region
Sanctuary Outpost F-7 The Shores of Abundance
Plunder Outpost J-18 / K-18 Ancient Islands
Ancient Spire Outpost Q-17 Ancient Islands
Golden Sands Outpost D-10 / D-11 / E-10 The Shores of Abundance
Outpost Galleon’s Last Refuge R-8 Wild Lands
Morrow’s Peak Outpost V-17 Devil’s Throat

Coordinates of factories

Small islands in the middle of the sea, kind of smaller versions of outposts. Each of them has a merchant and a representative of the Brotherhood of Hunters who will buy your fish and meat.

You can notice such a location from afar – a signal fire rises above each of them.

Name Coordinates Region
Brian’s Bazaar Y-12 Devil’s Throat
Roaring Traders U-20 Devil’s Throat
The Spoils of Plenty Store B-7 The Shores of Abundance
The Wild Treasures Store O-4 Wild Lands
The Finest Trading Post F-17 Ancient Islands
The North Star Seapost H-10 The Shores of Abundance
Trading post “Three steps to the east” (Three Paces East Seapost) S-10 Wild Lands
Stephen’s Spoils L-15 Ancient Islands

Forts coordinates

Forts are fortified islands with wooden citadels. Usually empty, unless enemies spawn in them as part of the game event.

A good place to get hold of free resources that are located in barrels. In addition, a treasure can be found in the fort (and it, in turn, can be profitably sold during Fort Nights).

The peculiarity of this type of location is that the forts have many cannons and several defensive towers.

Name Coordinates Region
Sea Monster Tower (Kraken Watchtower) L-6 Wild Lands
Keel Haul Fort C-6 / C-7 / D-6 The Shores of Abundance
The Crow’s Nest Fortress O-17 Ancient Islands
Molten Sands Fortress Z-11 / Z-12 Devil’s Throat
Hidden Spring Keep I-8 The Shores of Abundance
Skull Keep P-9 Wild Lands
Shark Fin Camp P-5 Wild Lands
Old Boot Fort L-14 Ancient Islands
Lost Gold Fort H-17 / I-17 Ancient Islands
Sailor’s Knot Stronghold E-14 The Shores of Abundance


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