Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure

Welcome to our guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure, the RPG-type Android and iOS mobile game from XD Global

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  • 1Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – The Basics
    • 1Conquer a zone
    • 2Shells
    • 3Level up
    • 4Starfish
    • 5Pearls
    • 6Equipment
  • 2Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Pets
    • 1Unlock and Capture pets
    • 2Elementals
  • 3Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Improve Character
    • 1Attributes
    • 2Equipment
    • 3Gems
    • 4Transcend
  • 4Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Chests
    • 1Monster Chests
    • 2Skill Chests
  • 5Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Wish Coins
  • 6Guide and Tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Black Market
  • 7Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Hill of the Hero

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – The Basics

Conquer a zone

You need to defeat the boss of that area to progress to the next


Under the minimap you will see the shells that you earn per minute, and they will help you to improve your weapons, armor and accessories

Level up

You need experience that you can get by defeating creatures or bosses in adventure or combat mode


It is the basic currency, and it is used to buy shells, capture pets, etc. You get them for completing missions


It is the premium currency and is purchased with real money, although they are necessary to buy skill chests and other in-game items, among other things.


You will have an AI-controlled team by default. But if you play with real people you will get more benefits. So try to make or have friends.

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Pets

Pets are unlocked at level 16, and the first one is free. For the following, you will need bait (food). Then you can train and improve them. And there are 185 pets right now, so just with them, you have plenty of time.

Unlock and Capture Pets

To unlock new discover or unlock new areas

Once unlocked, go to the combat screen, press the manual, and click on the pet to see the recipe.

To cook go to camp> cook> plate> cook. Although if you want better (legendary) pets, you will need to cook dishes with the highest quality. The ingredients will be obtained by defeating monsters, by dropping.


All pets belong to 2 elements, with their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Fire: Strong against Lightning but weak against Ice
  • Lightning: Strong against Earth but weak against Fire
  • Earth: Strong against Ice but weak against Lightning
  • Ice: Strong against Fire but weak against Earth

So try to get legendary pets and use them based on their elemental

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Improve Character


When you reach the required level you will unlock the attribute points, which you can use to increase attack, defense, critical or evasion


Use the best pieces of equipment (weapons, armor) you have to improve the statistics you want (attack, life, speed …). And the ones you don’t need, exchange them for gem shards


If the team already improved your stats, adding gems to your weapons or armor will boost the effect. Although we recommend incorporating fused gems, to increase their level and improve their effect


Meets the requirements and transcends, you can see them from the profile, so you will improve the character even more

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Chests

Monster Chests

It is one of the best ways to obtain Legendary gear. Go to the camp and look to the left. Click on the chest, and if you are in a team with real people you can roll the dice, the one with the best score (of the team) will get the reward. And you can participate once a day

Skill Chests

You also access from the camp menu (near the warehouse). It requires starfish or skill tickets, but the rewards are worth it.

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Wish Coins

They are obtained in the daily missions (completing them all). When you have it, go to the source of the wish and you can choose a wish, including legendary abilities

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Black Market

The cooking ingredients, high-quality equipment, attributes, stones or gems, skill shards… there are loads of valuable items there, so don’t forget to pass

Guide and tricks Ulala Idle Adventure – Hill of the Hero

It is accessed from the camp and you can get rewards based on your progress

  • <90% Gold Chest
  • > 90% Epic Chest
  • > 95% Legendary Chest
  • > 99% mythical chest

From these chests you will get reputation points (reputation rewards) and starfish

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