Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School

Welcome to our guide and tricks Idle Wizard School, the BattleCry Android and iOS mobile game in which you will have to manage a magic school

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  • 1Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Station
  • 2Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Bedrooms
  • 3Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Classes
  • 4New city
  • 5Tips

In order to progress, you will need money and expand the school. But first you will have to pay attention to the students, who arrive at the station, to their dormitories and to the classes. First you will have to expand the bedrooms (buy empty spaces) so that they fit more, and improve the station (so that more arrive), although now we go into detail:

Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Station

Increase the flow of students arriving at your school by improving the station, you can expand its capacity, or improve its speed. In case you don’t see it, scroll down.

Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Bedrooms

If you upgraded the station and more students arrive, you will have to expand the dormitories to fit more. They are in the middle of the screen and expand by buying empty spaces.

Guide and Tricks Idle Wizard School – Classes

Each type of class gives a different type of training to students, and each training you give them will bring you an income. So build new classes to get more money once more students arrive and have space. Also, each class you unlock will be better (more profitable) than the last. Although there are 3 types of improvements:

  • Improvement: You improve the quality of teaching – more coins per class
  • Hire teachers: more coins per class
  • Salary: It will improve learning speed, each student’s cycle will be faster, so again, more coins

Also, every certain levels you will get tremendous bonuses of coins, so level up the classes without stopping

New city

Change city as soon as you can since every time you change you will get bonuses that will multiply your income. The objective is none other than to unlock all the cities, since each new city will be better than the previous one.


  • Mysterion Gift: Click on the dragon, watch the video and get loads of rewards or gems as a reward
  • Magic store: It is to the right of the bedrooms and is another source of income that you should not stop pressing
  • Quests (purple gems): Whenever you have a quest with the “!” do it, they give purple gems as a reward.
  • Use the purple gems: Invest them in improving the classes
  • Upgrade less efficient classes first
  • Coin amplifier: Watch the video by pressing the button below on the screen and multiply your income by 5
  • Time tip: Although we do not recommend it very much, you can change the time of your mobile and earn lots of coins in seconds. Although from experience, if you abuse this trick, you will end up spoiling the experience.
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