Guarana or Paulinia Cupana is a seed native to the Amazon that contains more caffeine than coffee beans. One of its most common forms of consumption are guarana capsules , used as a supplement for its stimulatory and invigorating properties.

This plant was used by the Indians of the Amazon to increase their energy, libido and suppress appetite. In nature, it has the appearance of a dry paste that is obtained from the seeds. In the market we can find it in different ways. The most common are guarana capsules and powdered guarana.

Guarana Properties

Guarana is rich in xanthines, such as caffeine, catechins, tannins, procyanidins, saponins and other phytochemicals. Xanthines are alkaloids that provide stimulating effects. That is, they act on the central nervous system, producing a series of alterations.

These properties are especially interesting for people who are in the phase of loss or weight control (dieting), as well as for athletes and / or athletes interested in improving their sports performance.

It also has a low fat rate, few calories, a large amount of protein and an important content of fiber, catechol and folic acid. Therefore, given its composition, it helps metabolic processes and restructuring cellular functioning.

Main benefits of guarana capsules

Among the main benefits of consuming guarana capsules we can highlight the following:

  • Stimulates metabolism: Guarana capsules or powdered guarana increase the secretion of adrenaline and burn body fat more quickly.
  • Appetite is controlled: Guarana is a natural appetite suppressant since its high energy intake decreases the desire to eat.
  • Increase concentration: If an exam or an important work meeting is approaching and you need to increase your concentration, guarana capsules are an excellent option that will improve your memory and your mental capacity.
  • Fights physical and mental fatigue: Its neurotonic action acts in the central nervous system stimulating the body that reacts by fighting fatigue and fatigue.
  • Increases sports performance: Powdered or in capsules, guarana is the perfect ally of athletes and athletes who develop intense physical activity. Boosts blood circulation and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, increasing physical performance and sports performance.

Guarana and guarana powder capsules

If you are looking to increase your sports performance, fight fatigue, increase your concentration, help your diet or stimulate your metabolism, you need guarana capsules or powder. And you will find the best option in the market in Sakai . The laboratories with the best quality / price ratio in the market. Natural products and own production in quality products at an unbeatable price.


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