GTA San Andreas: the best easter eggs and secrets

These are the best Easter eggs and secrets that you can discover while playing GTA San Andreas. Discover the secrets of Los Santos and make the most of one of the best worlds of video games.GTA San Andreas hides a good amount of easter eggs and secrets to discover on the map of Los Santos. The game returns as part of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition , and it does so by reminding us that we must never overlook the mysteries that lie in our wake.

These are, in our opinion, some of the best Easter eggs and secrets of GTA San Andreas :


  1. Criticism of racism
  2. Body bags
  3. Gant Bridge data
  4. There is no Easter Egg here
  5. Poker Cards
  6. Are you bald? Don’t be bald
  7. True Grime Street Cleaners
  8. Cobra Kai Marital Arts
  9. Spike’s Crypt from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  10. Zombotech (Resident Evil)


Criticism of racism

GTA San Andreas already dealt, in a very particular way, with the issue of racism and police abuse . We have two easter eggs about it. On the one hand, there is that of police abuse , which fits so well in the times we live in. If you go to the Los Santos police station , west of Grove Street, and enter the parking lot , in the background on the left you will see how some police officers stop an African-American neighbor … and then beat him to death, despite the fact that he has been rendered.

Be careful, because the alarm may go off (even if you have activated the trick that the police do not look for you) and the agents will attack you.

You can also find two stores, in Blueberry and Montgomery , with the signs “Locals Only! We don’t like your type around here , which translates to” Residents only! We don’t like your kind around here, “an allusion to anti-immigration positions of all kinds.

Body bags

To the northwest of the Restricted Area (in the desert), you will find a hollow with several body bags . The truck right next to the hole leaves no room for doubt that someone has been trying to get rid of … unnecessary cargo in this area.

There are three possible explanations for body bags. The first and most obvious is that they are intruders from the restricted area , other than stiffs that Tenpenny and his henchmen have buried, which they themselves imply. The third clue is given to us by May-Beth Maybell on the K-Rose station . The woman claims to have murdered 6 husbands and buried them in the desert, and that she drives a truck … like the one next to the grave. Raaaaaaaarooooooo.

Gant Bridge Data

If we go south of the Gant Bridge , the one that looks like the Brooklyn Bridge and is located in the northwest area of the map, we can see how at the bottom, on its eastern side, there is a restaurant . Next to it we have a poster with data from the bridge … but as a digital object . From the polygons used to the babies born during their construction .

It should be noted that this easter egg has been updated , now offering the exact information of the object in the remastering.

There is no Easter Egg here

A classic from the original game and it’s back. Also on the Gant Bridge , if you go to the top of the south towers of the bridge, you will see a sign stating that there is no Easter egg here, get off your feet . An easter egg to tell you that that is not there, that you imagine it, it does not bother you.

Poker cards

If you go to any casino , you can see that characters from other GTAs appear on the cards instead of the figures for the Q, J and K.

You are bald? Don’t be bald

In some areas of the cities we can see advertising posters. One of them has attracted our attention especially: Lust for men, which we understand a clear reference to the product of almost the same name , focused on the male public with gray hair. The problem is that, in this case, it seems that the Lust for men is a bottle of glue, to prevent your hair from falling out , possibly.

True Grime Street Cleaners

Rockstar has always had a very hooligan tone, and that also includes making references to the competition . At that time, there was more than one GTA clone attempt and just a year before San Andreas came True Crime: New York City , which by taking the standard sandbox mechanics in GTA III, put us right on the other side of the law, doing of cop.

On some posters we can see the advertisement (with the same font and colors as the True Crime cover) for “True Grime: Street Cleaners” , where they encourage you to “get rid of your old trash quickly .

Perhaps a little pretentious, but certainly a well-worn quip. It should be noted that True Crime had a direct sequel, True Crime: Street of LA a year after the launch of San Andreas, and later, its third installment would become Sleeping Dogs, with much more of its own personality and focused on close combat .

Cobra Kai Marital Arts

In the Easter Bay Airport area you can find the Cobra Kai gym , which is clearly a reference to the Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid (and a pretty decent series to watch on Netflix, by the way). The thing is … maybe you want to look at the establishment’s poster again.

Marital Arts? I mean, Marital Arts? Either it’s a typo, or in this gym there are special classes for adults only. You understand me.

Spike’s Crypt from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If we go to the Vinewood Cemetery , we can enter the mausoleum beyond the graves. Here we will find … things that indicate that someone lives here : some boxes of what we assume is pizza, an open grave that seems to be used as a bed … and a sofa in front of a TV . Where have I seen that?

It is very difficult not to associate these elements with the crypt of Spike , one of the main characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Let’s see, the poor thing had to go somewhere after Sunnydale …

Zombotech (Resident Evil)

If we go to Downtown San Fierro we can find a very special building. Zombotech headquarters . In this place, as the sign at the entrance indicates, they are dedicated to the investigation of viruses and “sinister zombies” .

Let’s see, it’s hard not to relate this to Resident Evil . It is not possible to enter this strange building (at least, not without mods, since there are no textures inside the building), but of course, almost better. That we already have Undead Nightmare from RDR, so that San Andreas is filled with the undead. Enough with Spike hanging around ..

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