GTA Online update history

When to wait for the new big update for GTA Online? We believe that announcement could happen this week. Of course, these are just our assumptions, but the experience of previous updates has shown that the release release form does exist and that they were not announced in a chaotic manner. So you can at least roughly predict the release date of the new DLC for GTA Online.

Or maybe there are no updates at all?

There is definitely an update. This is evidenced by the beta branch “qabeta2” on, which is always updated a few weeks before the announcement of the update. The first change of branch was on February 23, then we were sure that the update would be published in early March. But then another unexpected branch change occurred on March 2nd. Does this mean that the developers decided to postpone the update to a later date in order to complete and polish it? We don’t know for sure. Such an outcome is possible, because Rockstar has seven Fridays a week. Still, if true, the breakthrough between the last unlocked machine and the announcement of a new update will be a record high.

A new update is usually announced a week after unlocking the last car that was added with the previous update.

In the new Rockstar update, they always add a lot of initially unavailable for buying cars and various confrontations. Then, for many months, once a week, they open blocked content and delight players with various discounts. The last car unlocked from the Doomsday Heist update was the Pfister Comet SR, on February 27th. Tomorrow should be the second “GTA Online Week” in which Rocksar announces discounts and new cars with confrontations, but there are no more cars or confrontations. .

Rockstar has favorite days of the week to announce updates.

Based on the experience of previous updates, developers like to announce new updates on certain days of the week.

The arms trade came out on Wednesday. “Smugglers” and “Doomsday Robbery – Thursday. Thursday is the most likely day to announce a new update. But, again, Rockstar has seven Fridays a week and the update can come out completely unexpectedly any other day.

What do insiders say?

This is the first time that all known insiders share virtually no information regarding the upcoming update. As they claim, their sources are silent and do not publish any news. But instead of verified insiders, “pseudo-insiders” who use unreliable sources of information or invent them give their vote.

For example, one of the users of GTAForum predicted the announcement on March 6, and the trailer on the 13th. Noise of criticism fell on him, because in the history of GTA Online there was no such practice of publishing updates. The release of the announcement announces the update, and after 5 days it becomes available in GTA Online.

What will be the new update?

That data, again, no one owns. The upgrade will definitely be the main one. After such a sensational update as Doomsday Robbery, Rockstar will definitely not lower its degree. We expect even bigger changes in the game, new futuristic vehicles and weapons, crazy missions and, of course, high costs for new content. update the details as soon as the developers announce them. Follow the news!

With the release of story plugins for GTA 5, Rockstar Games have decided to discontinue, but for GTA Online updates and add-ons are released regularly. The developers of Rockstar Games have not only not given up on the development of the game, but also continue to actively develop it. Each correction corrects errors and cheats are prohibited. Every week he plays host to social clubs and rewards active users.

New vehicles appear in GTA Online literally every week. Especially a lot of new content appeared after the release of the Diamond Casino add-on. New tasks will appeal even to those who don’t like gambling.

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Since the start of GTA Online, from October 1, 2013 until today, 27 updates have been added, half of which are global. Most likely, most of you started playing GTA Online from the very beginning of the game on PS3 and XBOX 360, and, you can say, it went through all those updates, but there are also those that started playing much later, for example, when the NextGen version came out GTA 5 on PC. In this article, we’ll tell you what upgrades have come out over the years and how many releases have changed from 2013 to the present.

Beach Bun update

It all started on November 19, 2013. GTA 5 was released on September 17, and Multiplayer GTA Online was introduced on October 1, a month and a half later the first update of “Beach Loafer” appeared.

At the time, this update caused a great deal of excitement, although it was negligible compared to the updates now coming out. Here is what was added and corrected in this DLC:

  • Beach Bum Update adds 30 missions for GTA Online.
  • New BF Dune Buggy, Canis Bodhi, Karin Rebel, Maibatsu Sanchez 2, Vapid Sadler, Vapid Sandking SWB cars at
  • Now you cannot delete your Persian if the Cloudstar cloud server is not available.
  • Reduced bad reputation given for destroying other players’ vehicles.
  • Now, a bad reputation is not gained when other players break into your stationary tank.
  • The additional money multiplier for missions is x1.25 for normal difficulties and x1.5 for difficult level.
  • Some paths are fixed, unnecessary obstacles are removed from them.
  • Pegasus delivery now stands at $ 200.
  • Lester shoots for the stars for $ 200.
  • Removed vehicles from the garage, which was obtained by errors.
  • The bug was repaired with the disappearance of the car when taking out insurance.
  • Fixed a bug when stuck in the sky.
  • Fixed some missions.
  • An error has been fixed that made it impossible to return the car.
  • Fixed a bug when setting up Declasse Sheriff SU.
  • The bug was repaired, due to which the afki car disappeared and was thrown out of the game for a long time.
  • A bug in money has been fixed, in which you could endlessly sell a car.
  • In fact, updating back then meant fixing a lot of bugs, many of which were because the MP was brand new.

Valentine’s Day massacre special

On February 4, 2014, another themed update of Valentine’s Day was released. This update was also small, but based on themes from the old days.


  • The new weapon is the Gusenberg Sweeper, a copy of Thompson’s assault rifle.
  • Albany Roosevelt armored sedan in the style of the 20s, price $ 750,000.
  • New clothes in the retro style of the 20s. Men’s suits, dresses, hats, as well as Flapper Bob hairstyles.
  • 10 new tasks to earn on GTA Online
  • Free car and Rat-loader tuning.
  • In the game phone, a new menu – Mail
  • The new action for the player is a kiss.
  • It is possible to allow / prohibit the boarding of passenger seats.
  • The choice of objection to the objection is random, apartment, garage or checkpoint.
  • Increase rewards when you successfully complete difficult tasks.

Fix the following bugs:

  • A beetle with a hairstyle below zero
  • Crowds from buying a car through an online store
  • A beetle that duplicates a car through police confiscation.
  • A mistake with which it was possible to sell cars from an offline game. Their price is now $ 10,000.
  • For attacks on a collector’s car they give 1 required star.

The number one task for all players at the time was to get the same Roosevelt, because after the holidays the car was no longer available for purchase, and a lot of cool clothes and pretty honest clothes for the female character appeared. Rockstar added many new missions then, as it does now, but there are many more confrontations right now.

Business has improved

Exactly a month later, a major update was published in GTA Online, by these standards an update called “Business Update”, and from this DLC you can say that the theme of business in the game was born, which continues today.


In this DLC, the players of that time were waiting for the following:



3 new supercars Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R. New weapons Heavy pistol and special carbine, as well as items for customization – hairstyles, tattoos, clothes. New business class Vestra

High lifespan

The next level of update followed just two months later, and on May 13, 2014, the SeLC Life DLC was released, which showed off a new gorgeous look at GTA Online. In this update, time players were expecting a lot of new things. A new property appeared, as well as the possibility of buying several rooms at once. As many as 4 new cars, a new rifle, 15 new tasks and much more.


Four new vehicles have appeared in Legendary Motorsport: Zentorno (Supercar), Massacro (Sportcar), Thrust (Dirt Bike), Huntley S (Crossover).


The photo shows a beautiful view from the new apartments and all the above cars. There is no bicycle in the photo.

Also, there was a new rifle in the shape of a rifle (analog FAMAS) with the usual set of settings – silencer, sight and so on. The scale of the player’s mental state has emerged. This scale will help you know the player you are playing with first. It can be passive or under anesthesia.


New rifle

Five new apartments appeared, and most importantly, from that moment the player could own not only one apartment, but also two, which meant that it was possible to store not 10 vehicles, but even 20, due to the possibility of owning two garages. It’s hard to imagine that at that time there were two apartments – it was already cool, compare with our possibilities at the moment, now you can own almost a hundred cars due to the huge number of available apartments and garages, as well as offices that can reach up to three levels. And in this DLC the first motorcycle was added, and of course, work is underway to improve the GTA Online gameplay so the Multiplayer is ready for NextGen on the PS4 and Xbox One, although at the time no one from the players knew it.

“I’m not a hipster,” Uptade said

The next summer update, “I’m not a hipster”, which added a lot of new clothes, masks, hairstyles and pictures in the workshop. And of course, the new large part of the car, compared to the previous DLC, where 3-4 pieces were added, there were already 16 pieces in the “I’m not a hipster” upgrade.


6 new machines that can be purchased at

  • Glendale
  • Panto
  • Rhapsody
  • Pigalle
  • Blade
  • Warrener


  • Albany primo
  • Bf surfer
  • Bravado buffalo
  • Bravado youga
  • Cheval picador
  • Dundreary regina
  • Karin the rebel
  • Bravado Buffalo S (Franklin)
  • Nagasaki Hot Blazer (Trevor)
  • Obey Tailgater (Michael)


Dubsta 6×6

A Dubsta 6×6 jeep has been added – you can buy it at a military equipment store. Only for players above level 100.


The photo shows new clothes, as well as a Panto car

2 new weapons:

  • an old military knife and pistol.
  • 170 character adaptation items.
  • 10 new beards and 4 new hairstyles.
    And much more.

Uptade Flying School San Andreas

The next update had a flying theme. In August, a flying school was added to GTA Online, access to which could be obtained from the sixth level, and 10 lessons appeared at the airport as part of the course, helping players improve their pilot skills and participate in interesting tasks.


This is the first update added to the interactive missions of GTA Online, and of course, new planes and helicopters have appeared in the DLC Flight School, as well as parachutes with 25 types of flags from different countries, including Russia. By the way, it was the Flight School update that became the first DLC, an announcement that Rockstar made in the form of trailers, which are now being published in the most important DLCs.

The last team to stand at the back

What followed was a minor update to the Last Team with a theme of guns and chaos, in fact there was nothing interesting in it. A pair of new cars, weapons and rifles.


Heists Uptade | GTA 5 PC Edition

But then a whole new story began for GTA Online. It was on November 18, 2014 on the NextGen console, and exactly 4 months later the same update was released that turned the idea of ​​Multiplayer GTA Online upside down. If it used to be such a formality to add a few machines to a game to fix bugs, then this DLC made it clear that after one game there is life again. We’re talking, of course, about Robbery DLC GTA Online.


Art from the official Rockstar website that tells us about the release of GTA 5 on PC, as well as the Heists update

This update allowed players to complete interesting joint missions under the supervision of the Leicester character from the story. New dubbing, new scenes and completely diverse missions. It was a step forward and gave a big boost to the popularity of GTA Online. The Robbery update has become the biggest update on GTA Online, and now it can only be compared to if it is one of the latest Doomsday updates, which players have had to wait a few years for. The robbery itself in addition to the intricate joint missions added a huge amount of cool traffic, a shopping opportunity that only opened after the robbery went through this transport, this idea is used in current updates. Robbery – that was fine. And it was with this update that the new history of GTA Online began, which continues to this day.

This was followed by smaller and rather monotonous updates – two parts “Dirty Money”, “Lowriders”, and on June 7, 2016, the update “Adventure of Bandits and Deceivers” launched a new concept in GTA Online.

Offices, warehouses, a yacht appeared and this very trade in boxes began, which is still going on. For example, updating Biker. New businesses appeared in it, the next search for boxes. DLC “Import – Export”, where there are new offices, warehouses for cars. The DLC “Arms Trade” follows, with all the same elements, but with pretty good stories.

After the Smugglers DLC was there, another import is export, but with the plane theme and with Ron in the lead role.

All the listed updates in one concept are very similar to each other. Offices, warehouses, club houses, businesses, hangars, bunkers and so on. We can say that with these updates, Rockstar finally went through the ranks, and no longer thought about balance in the game, because there were flying motorcycles, neon bikes, cars – ramps, millions of supercars and so on. Everything is explained by the commercial success of GTA Online.

Update your resume

It all started with simple cars, motorcycles, weapons, but at this point it can be said that a lot of unbalanced and fantastic vehicles have been added to the latest updates, but it’s not that bad, the game should evolve somehow and, you have to admit, GTA Online wouldn’t was so interesting that nothing would change after the first robberies, and the game only had new clothes, a couple of new cars.

Here is an interesting history of updating from the very beginning and the last update, except, of course, “After the hour”, because we have already written about it. The game is already 4.5 years old, and Rockstar won’t even stop.


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