GTA Online: How to save money in the bank

If you do not know how to keep your dollars safe, here we explain the methods that exist to save your money in the bank and ATMs so as not to lose it or have it stolen.


  1. How do you keep your money in the bank so it doesn’t get stolen from you?
  2. Locating ATMs in GTA Online

Keeping our money safe in GTA Online is very important. Much of the progress of the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V is based on the money we have saved, so it is vital to keep our savings in the bank ; something that many newcomer players don’t know how to do. If that’s your case, keep reading this post where we explain where there are ATMs in GTA Online and how to quickly save your dollars so that no one can steal them from you.

How to keep your money in the bank so that it doesn’t get stolen from you?


In GTA Online the money earned is divided in two ways ; On the one hand, there is the money that is automatically saved in our bank account, and on the other hand, the money that we carry with us at all times. We must always pay attention to the latter since we can lose it or other players can steal it .

For example, every time you die you lose half of the money that you carry with you at the time. So if it is a very large amount, it is totally suicidal to walk with so much money on you. Too risky, come on. Luckily, we can keep the money in the bank so we never lose it .

There are two ways to save money in the bank in GTA Online:

  • You can go to any ATM:and interact with it to deposit or withdraw money that you have saved.
  • You can manage your banking movements from your mobile:with a few clicks and in just a few seconds.

As you can imagine, the option of going physically to any ATM or ATM takes more time than using your mobile, so it is best to not complicate things and use the phone .

Save money in the bank from your mobile

To deposit money in your bank account from your mobile you just have to carry out the following steps:

  • Open your mobile phone.
  • Enter the Internetapplication .
  • Now click on the Money and services tab.
  • Enter the Maze Bank website(the last one on the list).
  • Access your bank account and select “Income”to decide the amount of dollars you want to save.

Locating ATMs in GTA Online

There are plenty of ATMs scattered throughout the city of Los Santos and Blaine County of San Andreas. If you prefer to opt for the physical and want to go to one of these ATMs, keep in mind that you can find them in the following locations:

  • There are ATMs in any 24/7 store or LTDof gas stations and supermarkets.
  • At the Xero Gas gas stationsin Los Santos.
  • In Vanilla Unicornyou have an ATM.
  • Inside the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank building.
  • At Globe Oilin Braddock Pass.

An ideal way to go directly to one of the ATMs is to open the Interaction Menu and in the “GPS” section select the “ATM” option. The route to the ATM closest to your position will be immediately marked on the map . Long live technology!

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