GTA Online: How to Earn Big RP and Level Up Fast

We reveal the best and most effective ways to earn a ton of reputation in GTA Online and quickly level up your character. Combine these methods to make progress in no time.


  1. Complete missions and activities to earn RP
  2. Spin the wheel of fortune
  3. Buy an office
  4. Pick up the falling boxes
  5. Run away from the police
  6. Take advantage of temporary event bonuses
  7. Other activities that give PR

In GTA Online the experience of our character is divided by levels and as we play multiplayer we can accumulate what is known as RP or reputation points . The more levels we go up, the more content we will unlock ; from access to better weapons to new missions and much more.

There are hundreds of levels. Obviously leveling up in GTA Online is something you’ll want to prioritize , especially in your early days. To help you in this process, below we have developed a series of tips and activities that you can do; these are the best methods to earn a lot of RP points as quickly as possible.


Complete missions and activities to earn RP

We don’t surprise anyone if we say that the most basic and main way to earn RP in GTA Online is by completing all kinds of missions . There are a lot of them and they are full of different objectives, so while you have fun you can always earn RP for your character. Never put them aside while doing other things.

A great idea is to save the best missions in playlists (that is, the ones that give the most RP points to be completed) and so, if you want to get to the point, you can repeat these missions as many times as you want to earn enough RP in a way insured.

At the same time, do not hesitate to do other activities that give you RP. Please note the following:

  • For completing missions: Youearn approximately 1,000 to 4,000 RP, depending on the time.
  • For completing races: Youearn approximately 100-500 RP (you don’t even need to finish first).
  • For completing longer activities: suchas Deathmatches, Captures, and Playlists, you earn approximately 1,000 to 10,000 RP.
  • For completing a raid attack:Earn 500 RP.
  • For voting an activity:with a like or like you earn 50 RP.

Spin the wheel of fortune

In the casino building of The Diamond Casino & Resort , in East Vinewood, you will find a wheel of fortune that can be spun once a day for free . Do not miss this opportunity and try your luck, since among the 20 possible prizes, there are RP gains.

  • Five of the RoulettePrizes : These are prizes in the form of RP for your character.
  • Depending on your luck:you could win on a roulette spin between 2,500 RP to 15,000 RP.
  • This means there is:a 25% chance that you will earn RP when playing roulette.

Also, even if you don’t earn RP, you can get any other interesting prize , so you always win. You just have to spend a few minutes each day going to the casino and voila.

Buy an office

As you progress in GTA Online, there will come a time when you will be able to afford the luxury of acquiring an office to become an executive.

  • By getting an office, your organization can welcome other playersas associate members.
  • The office is a great source of PR, whether it’s earning it on your own or with the help of the group.
  • You can earn more RP by doing group missions, with special bonuses and even unique lists.

Pick up the falling boxes

When you reach GTA Online level or rank 12 , the option to recover some boxes that fall all over the world map will be unlocked . This is one of the best ways to earn RP in no time.

  • If you manage to recover boxes:You can win between 250 to 4000 RP (sometimes, if you are very lucky a special box can give you 5000 RP).
  • Before a box drops: youwill receive a notification in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You can find the boxes:if you follow the minimap markings that lead you to them. In the place be careful, because there will be armed NPCs defending the box.

Run away from the police

Another simple and straightforward way to earn RP in GTA Online is by misleading the police when they are chasing you . It is not one of the methods that give more RP, but it does not hurt to take it into account. Depending on the number of chase stars , the amount of RP will increase (as well as the difficulty to dodge them).

  • For fleeing 1 star level:100 RP.
  • For fleeing 2 star level:200 RP.
  • For fleeing 3 star level:300 RP.
  • For fleeing 4 star level:400 RP.
  • For fleeing 5 star level:500 RP.

Take advantage of temporary event bonuses

  • Every Tuesday, every week, Rockstar updates the temporary events that are underway within GTA Online.
  • You can be aware of the weekly news from this official link .
  • Many of these events apply double reputation, so these bonuses are a great way to rack up more RP to level up.

Other activities that give RP

If you want to consider various activities and actions that also earn RP for your character, remember the following:

  • Between 25 and 100 RP:for killing other players.
  • 100 RP +:for killing a dominant player (during deathmatches or captures).
  • 25 RP:for killing NPCs during missions.
  • 100 RP:For delivering a vehicle requested by Simeon.
  • 25 RP –For flying under bridges and performing knife flights.
  • 200 RP –Every five continuous minutes driving, riding a motorcycle, or flying as a driver or passenger with another player.
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