GTA Online: Hardest Target Mode Guide

Description of the “Hardest Target” mode – team-on-team battles inspired by GTA 4

Together with the latest update “Doomsday” , the developers have added several new adversarial modes to GTA Online . As before, they serve as more of a stub between major updates. Nevertheless, there are some interesting examples among them. One of them – “Hardest Target” – the heir to the old regime from GTA 4 .

Features of the mode

  • Number of players: 4-16
  • Number of teams: 2
  • Round time: 8 minutes
  • Objective: destroy the enemy target and protect your

The mode is based on the classic team deathmatch. Players are divided into two teams and fight each other on a small area of ​​the map. The fundamental difference between this mode and the usual team death match is the presence in each team of a “key” player – a target. Each team seeks to remove an enemy key player and protect their own. Such a player is chosen at random at the very beginning of the game, but then every minute the target players change.

At the top of the screen, there is a team score counter, and in the lower right corner – the
time until the end of the round, the time until the change of the key player and the number of points required to win

Otherwise, everything is simple – players can freely kill opponents, but points are awarded only for the key player. In the allotted time, the teams need to have time to score 15 points – the team that does it first wins. The target player also participates in a firefight with other players and earns 3 points for his team if he kills a key opponent player.

There are seven arenas in total in the game, which are small areas of maps. Their small size is compensated by a large number of objects that make it possible to hide and avoid enemies. Also, weapons are scattered around the arena, the location of which is marked on the radar. Finding a specific type of weapon is not difficult – each barrel has its own icon on the radar.

The key player is given by the arrow above the head

One problem with this regime is imbalance. The players of the green team (by the color of their clothes) are equipped with helmets, which provide good protection. Usually, to kill a player wearing such a helmet, you need to make about three shots to the head. Black team members wear masks that provide no protection.

Probably the analogue of this confrontation was the  Cops’n’Crooks  mode from GTA 4. There was a similar goal: players from the cop team had to eliminate the boss of the opposite team of bandits. The latter’s task was to protect their boss. The cops won if they killed this boss, and the bandits won if they could bring the boss to the evacuation point. The mode was original and the players loved it very much. Therefore, it is not surprising that the developers decided to add a similar confrontation to GTA Online.

Game Tips

There are no special tricks here, so all advice will be purely technical.

  • Try to stay in a group and protect your key player.
  • Use grenades. Since the maps are small, grenades can help eliminate a group of players or a target player hiding behind objects. You can also use them as a distraction when attacking. To quickly throw a grenade, press Gon PC, Left Trigger + Left on Xbox One, and L2 + Left on PS4.
  • As a target, try to kill a key player from the enemy team – for this you will get 3 points at once.
  • Take advantage of the rifts. They will help you not only in this mode, but also in any game shootout. Roll can be performed when you have a weapon in your hands. To do this, press SpaceRight Mouse Button on PC, Left Trigger + X on Xbox One, and L2 + Square on PS4.

Particular attention should be paid to the mode if double rewards are assigned for it – you can earn a decent amount in a couple of hours of play.

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