GTA Online: Get GTA $ 408,000 in 4 Minutes Now

In GTA Online you can easily and quickly win more than $ 400,000 GTA in just 4 minutes. We will show you which races you have to drive and how you can win them.

Here’s how you get the money: Time trials for regular cars and RC Bandito change weekly in GTA Online. Usually you get around $ 100,000 GTA each time you complete it. Rockstar Games is currently distributing double the money for these types of races, so more than $ 400,000 GTA is expected.

The active races are “Galileo Park” and “Construction Site 1”. We’ll show you how to win the races and collect the money easily, and why GTA 5 Online is still worth playing.

How to win the Galileo Park race

You need to know: You can find the race on the map with the purple stopwatch. It is located very close to the great Vinewood letters. For this race we recommend the fastest bikes from GTA 5 Online like the Shotaro. It has good top speed and predictable cornering behavior.

The race starts at the top of the mountain and takes you briefly through the city.

You have 2 minutes and 5 seconds to complete the route. If you reach the goal in this time, you will receive GTA $ 204,000 for this bonus week. In our Galileo Park time trial guide, we show you helpful shortcuts to make the race a success.

This is how construction site race 1 is won

You need to know: For this race you need one of the small remote-controlled cars. How to unlock the RC Bandito in GTA Online, we explain it here.

The race is run with checkpoints displayed directly on the lane. The number of arrows within the control points tells you how sharp the curve will be.

For this race, you will be chased around the construction site. Under the scaffolding and on the different levels where the artisans frolic. Be careful braking in sharp turns.

You have exactly 1 minute and 50 seconds to go for the “construction site 1” time trial. If you reach the finish line on time, you will receive GTA $ 204,000. In our guide to Construction Site 1 in GTA Online, we show you more tips on this challenge.

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Why is GTA Online still worth it now?

In various game modes, you get more money and more RP again. In SUMO game mode you get triple payouts, in all RC-Bandito races you get double payouts.

But now it really pays off, especially for motorcycle bosses. Because with the bonus on sales missions, as a motorcycle boss, you get rich quick.


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