GTA Online: ALL Playing Cards Guide

We show you the location of the cards, one of the collectibles available in GTA Online. Find all the hidden cards to win casino chips and more prizes!


  1. Location of all cards (map)
  2. Rewards for collecting all the cards

The cards or cards are a type of collectible that is available in GTA Online , the multiplayer aspect of Grand Theft Auto V . These objects are scattered throughout different parts of San Andreas and we can collect them all to win casino chips and reputation , as well as various special rewards.

You can start your search for this collectible from the moment you start your game in GTA Online. Next in this post we show you how to get all the cards and their respective locations.


Location of all cards (map)

In the following image you can see a map with the location of all the cards that are available in GTA Online.

So that you do not have any problem when it comes to getting all the cards, here below we will show you one by one the exact location of each card. Keep in mind that there are a total of 54 cards , both located in outdoor environments and inside buildings or stores.

It should be noted that it is possible that due to some error the game does not correctly count the obtaining of the 54 cards, in which case it is recommended to contact Rockstar support so that they can solve this problem.

Here is the location of the 54 hidden cards in GTA Online (they can be collected in any order you want, we have numbered them to make this guide easier to read):

Playing Card # 01

  • Location: Itis in the Sonar Search Dock, on a broken white wooden railing.

Playing Card # 02

  • Location:in the frame of a window, inside the cable car terminal.

Playing Card # 03

  • Location:At an ATM next to a Paleto Bay hair salon.

Playing Card # 04

  • Location:inside Beeker’s Garage, in Paleto Bay; the letter is on a desk.

Playing Card # 05

  • Location: Itis at one of the outdoor tables in the Procopio Truck Shop.

Playing Card # 06

  • Location:on the ground, next to a campfire, on one of the paths of Monte Gordo.

Playing Card # 07

  • Location:Inside the LTD Gasoline store located in Grapeseed, on the desk in the back room.

Playing Card # 08

  • Location:On a wooden table inside the McKenzie Field hangar.

Playing Card # 09

  • Location: Itis on the windowsill of a house in Cape Catfish.

Playing Card # 10

  • Location: Ontop of an outdoor table at Park View Diner on East Joshua Road.

Playing Card # 11

  • Location: Itis on top of an outdoor ping-pong table, located on the North Alamo Pier.

Playing Card # 12

  • Location: Thisis the Raton Canyon observation deck.

Playing Card # 13

  • Location: Itis on top of a loudspeaker, in Stab City.

Playing Card # 14

  • Location: Youare in an abandoned forklift behind a house in Sandy Shores.

Playing Card # 15

  • Location: Ontop of a red tool table inside the Sandy Shores Fire Station.

Playing Card # 16

  • Location: ontop of a washing machine outside the entrance to the You Tool store.

Playing Card # 17

  • Location: itis on the railing of a porch of a house / caravan in Señora Desert Trailer Park.

Playing Card # 18

  • Location:inside the Yellow Jack Inn in Grand Señora Desert; the card is on the pool table.

Playing Card # 19

  • Location: itis located at the letter L of the Rebel Radio Building, in Grand Señora Desert.

Playing Card # 20

  • Location: Ontop of a red workbench on the side of a house on Joshua Road.

Playing Card # 21

  • Location:on the porch floor of a house located in Gran Chaparral.

Playing Card # 22

  • Location:Inside the Great Chaparral Discount Store; the letter is in the back room.

Playing Card # 23

  • Location:inside the cabin at the west entrance of Fort Zancudo.

Playing Card # 24

  • Location: Ontop of a wooden plank on the north side of Chumash Plaza in Chumash.

Playing Card # 25

  • Location:inside a 24/7 store in Chumash; the letter is in the back room.

Playing Card # 26

  • Location:Inside the LTD Gasoline store located in Richman Glen, above the safe in the back room.

Playing Card # 27

  • Location:next to the doors of the bathrooms in the Galileo Observatory car park.

Playing Card # 28

  • Location: ontop of a red workbench inside a shed in La Fuente Blanca.

Playing Card # 29

  • Location:At the counter of the Tataviam Truckstop Ammu-Nation store.

Playing Card # 30

  • Location:Inside Rob’s Liquor store located in Murrieta Heights, on top of a shelf in the back room.

Playing Card # 31

  • Location:inside the LTD Gasoline store located in Mirror Park, above a small television in the back room.

Playing Card # 32

  • Location: Ontop of a red workbench at Auto Exotic in Hawick.

Playing Card # 33

  • Location: Itis on top of a glass table inside the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank in downtown Vinewood.

Playing Card # 34

  • Location:in one of the armchairs inside the Gentry Manor Hotel, West Vinewood.

Playing Card # 35

  • Location: Ontop of a ping-pong table in the backyard of a house on Didion Drive in Vinewood Hills.

Playing Card # 36

  • Location: Itis on a sofa in a garage, in a house on Steele Way.

Playing Card # 37

  • Location: Itis on a chess board with huge pieces in a backyard of a house on Sam Austin Drive; the card is on the head of one of the white pieces.

Playing Card # 38

  • Location:on a shelf with red boxes located at the entrance to a pool on Boulevard Del Perro.

Playing Card # 39

  • Location: Itis on a low stone wall in Richards Majestic.

Playing Card # 40

  • Location:in one of the kiosks on the Del Perro pier’s promenade.

Playing Card # 41

  • Location:inside the hairdresser located in Vespucci; the letter is on a coffee table.

Playing Card # 42

  • Location: Thisis a gym machine, in the outdoor gym on Vespucci Beach.

Playing Card # 43

  • Location:on one of the stone benches at Puerto del Sol station.

Playing Card # 44

  • Location:On a coffee table next to two dark armchairs in the Ponsonbys’ changing room in Burton.

Playing Card # 45

  • Location:On a circular stone bench in the Fountain Square at IFF Headquarters on Pillbox Hill.

Playing Card # 46

  • Location:inside the Ammu-Nation store located on Pillbox Hill; the letter is on a table in the back room.

Playing Card # 47

  • Location:inside the Vanilla Unicorn strip club, on one of the sofas near the entrance.

Playing Card # 48

  • Location:On a shelf inside the Davis Fire Station.

Playing Card # 49

  • Location:On a table with a coffee pot, near the counter of the El Burro Heights tattoo parlor.

Playing Card # 50

  • Location:Inside an abandoned and wrecked bus in an alley in La Mesa.

Playing Card # 51

  • Location:Inside the Ammu-Nation store located in Cypress Flats; the letter is on a table in the back room.

Playing Card # 52

  • Location: ontop of a table in Jetsam Terminal, in Terminal.

Playing Card # 53

  • Location:in a small cabin in the parking lot near the Maze Bank Arena building.

Playing Card # 54

  • Location:in one of the blue chairs at Los Santos International Airport, outside the underground transit entrance.

Rewards for collecting all cards

Every time a card is picked up in GTA Online the player instantly earns casino chips and RP for their character. The first five cards give 100 casino chips each, and then the next five cards give 50 more chips than the previous one; therefore the last card gives 2,550 chips. In total, by collecting all the cards you get 66,650 casino chips (which can be exchanged for dollars).

In addition, when you collect all the cards you receive as a special reward the Big Fish suit (which can be used in the Heist at The Diamond Casino ), a deck of cards on the private table inside your Penthouse and a new decoration for the Penthouse.

Finally, if you have already collected all the cards, you can log in with your Social Club account in Red Dead Online to get the Poncho Cárdenas for free as an exclusive prize.

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