Growing mushrooms at home is very easy and here we show you how to do it

Today I will explain how to grow mushrooms at home easily . Mushrooms are a true delicacy of autumn, which we can add to our organic garden.

During this time of the year it is usual to go to the field to pick mushrooms; However, if you don’t have a good knowledge about them, you probably end up picking up and consuming some fungi that are really very dangerous. But, happily, you can simply have this delight in your home and know that what you and your whole family consume is totally safe.

Keep reading to know more.

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Starting to grow mushrooms at home

  • Strawalpacas : there are various types of substrates for growing mushrooms , but this time we are going to focus on straw alpacas. These are composed of a block of compacted straw that is covered by a black plastic. In the straw alpaca the fungus is sown, which will then produce mushrooms. Make about 10 holes 4-5 cm in diameter in the plastic so that the mushrooms go outside.
  • Lighting:do not place the straw alpaca in a place where it receives direct sunlight, rather leave it in the shade.
  • Temperature:to grow mushrooms at home it is best that temperatures range between 15 and 20 ° C, although without being somewhat lower or higher, what will happen is that mushrooms will grow slowly. If it is too cold, you will have to build a greenhouse and cover the mushrooms at night , when temperatures are a bit lower.
  • Humidity:fungi love moisture, so I advise you to put the straw alpaca in a humid place, or spray the holes with water to increase the growth of the mushrooms. In case the environment is too dry, then you will have to spray several times a day. If the environment is normal, do it only two and if the environment is humid, do it once.
  • Growth:if the conditions are correct, you can see how mushrooms grow rapidly and, probably, in just one week they will be ready to harvest. If you want to keep the mushrooms moist , you can spray them while they grow.

Harvesting mushrooms

In just one week or 10 days you can have mushrooms ready to be harvested. To do this, you will have to start the whole cluster with just a dry twist and then take them to the pan and cook them to enjoy a delicious dinner. You can make them fried, battered, in sauces, creams, tortillas, grilled, etc.!

To consider…

  • When growing mushrooms at home it is important to keep in mind that straw alpacas give large amounts of mushroomsand, to preserve them, you must keep them in the refrigerator. Do not leave them in the bale because they can dry and harden.
  • When you make the first mushroom harvest, the bale probably continues to produce more and more mushrooms. To do this, you will have to follow the procedure indicated in the same way.
  • If mushrooms eject a white powder, don’t despair because it’s nothing bad. They are simply spores and you can easily clean them.
  • Mushrooms are very easy to growand, best of all, they are not attacked by pests .
  • There are many edible mushrooms, but the most common is Pleurotus ostratus. Experiment with several species and you can get a great variety of textures, flavors and colors.

Getting straw alpacas is very easy, so I hope you are encouraged to try. In addition, it is very fun to see how they grow and with the mushrooms obtained you can prepare a lot of dishes. Mushrooms are very healthy and have vitamins, minerals and fiber.


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