GreedFall – tips and tricks for passing the game

in the world of GreedFall, a lot depends on the skills and class of your character. In this guide, we will help you create the most comfortable character for the game. When setting up a hero or heroine, you can focus on your inner ideas about taste, but out of the three available classes, we suggest you focus on the Warrior class – at least for the first playthrough.

Selecting the GreedFall class

Warriors – if you don’t know which GreedFall class to choose , then take them. They are strong in close confrontation, withstand powerful attacks and can carry a lot of junk. The warrior has two types of weapons – the main piercing-cutting and the second piercing armor. When fighting strong enemies, you need to break through the armor before you can damage his health. Warriors can use two-handed weapons and carry guns instead of pistols when leveling accuracy.

Technicians – have a good knowledge of the sciences, can create traps and potions, as well as pick locks. But only the lightest blades are used. Since you can upgrade science or picking locks later for any class, then almost all the advantages of technicians over time are reduced to zero.

Mages – can paralyze enemies, inflict ranged damage with spells, including poisoning, and use heavy one-handed weapons. You can choose this class if you prefer ranged battles, but we recommend returning to it after the first playthrough, when you are already familiar with the world of the game.


What talents and skills to download in GreedFall

If you obeyed our advice and chose the Warrior, then be sure to pump science first. So you can create the sleep potions and poisons necessary for the tasks. In the future, you can use the zeroing crystal and pump the character for new needs. Of the important talents, I would recommend hacking and charisma. Moreover, charisma often gives a bloodless and successful solution to most tasks, and hacking will allow you to get equipment and weapons from chests of better quality than what you find in stores.


How to fight bosses in GreedFall

Warrior tactics are similar to Bloodborne. Take an islander and any of the strongest characters, such as a sailor, into your squad. Carry out attacks and combine bounces or rolls (if you have pumped them) with pistol shots. The main thing is, first of all, to remove the enemy’s armor with reinforced weapons and not let him drive you into a corner. The islander must support you with healing and empowerment magic, so focus on yourself and don’t let the boss kill her first. Do not forget to put the pistol and potions of life in the quick access menu – this will solve most of your problems.


What are the correct choices in GreedFall?

Since this is a role-playing story, any choice is your personal passage. Naturally, it is better not to take a representative of the enemy to the warring factions. But if you have activated the personal quest of a squad member, then it is better to complete it first, since you will not be able to replace the companion until the completion of the quest, and only then go to a meeting with the changed squad. Your companions will warn you about the best line-up.


Fractions and Relationships in GreedFall

As a representative of a neutral force, you can complete all tasks, but try to make choices that seem less bloody. And of course, do not tell the representatives of the faction about your actions and do not blame them for anything, otherwise it will lower your reputation and you will lose valuable resources.


Buying components from merchants in GreedFall

Please note that different merchants in cities sell different components needed for making potions or completing tasks. All of them are located either in the resource zone or in the special section of quest items.


Where to get tasks in GreedFall?

Tasks can be obtained from the rulers of cities and ordinary people – an exclamation mark is burning above them, as well as during stops in conversations with members of the squad. Separately, it is worth noting “Orders” – they are located on bulletin boards near the cities.


Where to get pistol ammo and potions in GreedFall?

Potions can be bought at the intermediate camp during the trip or prepared by yourself if you have the Science skill. Ammunition can be found in chests and crates that glow within the city or from slain enemies. For their plundering you will get nothing.


Buying and selling in GreedFall

The system of selling items is very dishonest in relation to the hero, so only sell junk and unnecessary parts of clothes and weapons. Buy only a sword – you can collect everything else from killed enemies or by breaking into chests.


Stealth in GreedFall

The hidden unnoticeable passage in GreedFall is primitive. Enemies do not see killed comrades and you are within a meter if you duck behind a box. In addition, you can sneak up on opponents and quietly eliminate them from the back. There will be no consequences if you are not found. You can change into the clothes of the faction in the territory you are in, but this is a waste of time.


More GreedFall Tips

Save more often in manual mode before important dialogues and battles. This will save you a lot of time and energy.


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