Great Summary And Notes About Elicipe By Wergina Wolf

Great Summary And Notes About Elicipe By Wergina Wolf are discussed in this essay. The short essay tells us graphically about a complete elliptic one morning in June The sun rose, was eclipsed and, later, came out eclipse. The world became dark and then full of light. It was like rebirth of the earth.

Critical Summary of Elliptic

This is a graphic description of a solar eclipse. One June month the eclipse was going to take place. Everybody was excited and was the way to an open place to see the eclipse. The writer herself went many others to the Easton Railway Station where from train was j leave for north. Many trains all over England were going north so people-might watch the eclipse carefully. As it was going to be eclipse, people were interested in watching that. So they hurried to the open northern country side eagerly.

Everything was pale. As the people went northward, the villagers  surprise because they could not understand as the such a large number of people traveled at such an odd hour.

It was cold when all these eager ladies and gentlemen reached at the of the hill where snow was present. They were not individuals.They stood there at the foot of the hill in a line as the savage(it might have stood at the foot of rocks for their worse. A squire came there in his car along with four dogs that let out other car and ran here and there. Soon the sun started to rise, re were loud over the face of the sun but its golden rays came from :revers tie were cracks (—&) in the clouds. The time for the start die ecliptic was’drawing nearer and nearer.

At last he eclipse started. There were clouds moving over the face tie sunned the sun seemed to run a race. The time of total eclipse  seconds and the people saw the sun going into darkness wily steadily. The “sacred” 24 seconds began. The clouds seemed |cat pie sun totally during this short but breath-taking period. The rid sewed to be lifeless and dark for the lime being. The colors of whinged to change.

Th plume turned to purple  and the pink turned to green. It led if the flesh and blood of the world had gone dead. After the a; dark 24 seconds, the sun started to regain  its lost. Faces of the people began to smile. As the sun got its light the landscape of the area became clear. The world became lore solid. Still, people had learnt a lesson from the eclipse  can be finished and they are not permanent.

Great Summary And Notes About Elicipe By Wergina Wolf And Important Point To Be Noted

  • The sun rose. The sky was cloudy .
  • The eclipse started and the people began to witness
  • When the eclipse was complete, there was total darkness atmosphere.
  • The total eclipse lasted for 24 seconds.
  • Everything seemed to wear a strange color
  • The world seemed to be dead during the fatal second_
  • Later on, the eclipse started to wear away.
  • The writer drew a conclusion  : the colors of lie wet not permanent.

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