Great Essay About;Universe And Its Importance

No matter how knowledgeable a human being can be, but by the use of his intelligence, he has so far only developed his survival abilities or is trying to understand the laws that nature obeys. At the same time man made certain codes of conduct to live with his understanding, whether through law or through religion.

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But if we talk outside of our planet Earth, then our scientists have brought out some small information about our solar system , but our knowledge about the vast world outside it is negligible, that is, at present our position is a frog of a well. Is nothing more than.

For example, in the morning, in the direction we see the sun, we call it east and in the evening, the same direction starts to be called west. We know that the Sun is stationary, the Earth has changed its direction, not the Sun, that is, we have formed the directions as per our convenience, because if we talk about the Sun then in which direction its east and west are, we are not Can tell that our universe is directionless. In the same way, with the speed of the Earth rotating on its axis and the combination of the Sun, we formulated a formula for calculating time and time. Although the time in Delhi is not in New York.

But we can tell the time of New York by looking at the time of Delhi, while this time outside the Earth has no meaning. Take the moon itself. Its 24 hours end on the 27 days of Earth. Every planet-satellite has a different clock and different date, for the Sun there is neither a morning, no weather nor time. That is, according to our understanding today, if there was life on the Sun, then time, direction and time are all useless for it. Then the question arises that what is the time and period of the universe? What magical clock does the creator have?

According to scientists, we still know that there was only one dawn of the universe. Should we call it the beginning or the dominant. It began with the great explosion that wrote the prologue to this universe. 130 million years have passed since that incident. But we still do not know in which era of the universe we are living. Are we in childhood or in his youth?

All we know is that we are drifting into this infinity. Where time, time, directions are just names given by human beings, nothing real. Today we raised this question again because last week, scientists caught some such signals, which came out during the great explosion. These were not the first modern instruments to capture signals , which could distinguish between signals traveling in the universe for millions of years and airplanes or other signals. Now they are able to catch them.

Scientists are happy to find these signs, because they want to know how this infinite universe was born out of the void? What happened in that blast that the universe was created in a moment? There are billions of galaxies, including trillions of stars and planets. Now scientists will try to reach these signals.


Now think, out of the millions of galaxies born in the dawn of the universe, we are entangled in the matter of real estate on the planet from any other part of a stubborn galaxy. In a very short period of human history, man has given his powers and resources by fighting thousands of wars. If humans had invested these resources in discoveries, we would have been the masters of many planets today


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