Great Essay About Knowledge or practical education?

Lately I often think about different methods of acquiring knowledge. How effective is each of them, which way is more effective to succeed. Personally, I have chosen a different, atypical way to gain knowledge. I have not yet formulated a single specific answer to the question of what profession you want to leave. I am interested in different specialties and professions that often intersect, although I often even have contact with a completely adjacent field. After graduating from school, I constantly try to work in parallel with my studies and test my interests and abilities in practice.

There are many different methods of getting an education: school, vocational schools, certificate programs, higher university education, online education and more. The importance and effectiveness of each of them is different. The first and foremost is school education. Basic education received in school is an important component for further human development. Then people make individual choices about their skills and ways to achieve the set goal. There are those who are focused on theoretical education, guided only by books shared by books, lecturers and teachers, while others try to supplement the theoretical base obtained in practical activities while acquiring knowledge. Undergo internship programs, study related specialties, They try to acquire new skills and explore the profession they have decided to master in practice.

 People with a large theoretical basis, in most cases continuing their academic activities, their acquired knowledge often becomes an additional obstacle in their practical activities. They are in most cases overly critical of their profession and find it difficult to break free from the theoretical basis. In practice it is not always as it is described in books, or we have heard it from a lecturer or teacher. They are in most cases overly critical of their profession and find it difficult to break free from the theoretical basis. In practice it is not always as it is described in books, or we have heard it from a lecturer or teacher. They are in most cases overly critical of their profession and find it difficult to break free from the theoretical basis. In practice it is not always as it is described in books, or we have heard from a lecturer or teacher.

Also, it is less effective to obtain knowledge only from a lecturer with a theoretical basis, unless it concerns specific specific specialties based on research and theoretical basis. A practicing lecturer who is in direct contact with the profession you have decided to master will give you far more and more important practical advice and knowledge than a lecturer with a large theoretical basis. Their main distinguishing detail during the lecture is the speech terminology. Practitioner lecturers try to use less professional slang and explain its meaning in detail if necessary. Theoretical lecturers, on the other hand, try to impress the student with the help of this slang. Their main weapon is just theory. Which results in inhibition of the student and a decrease in his / her ability to believe.
When we start to study this or that profession, it is quite important to understand correctly what we want to achieve and in what ways we can reach the set goal. If we do not complain about our two diplomas as if we were lost in translation, if the acquired knowledge does not yield practical results.

For me personally, the model of learning and practical activities in parallel is much more acceptable. I am not trying to gain knowledge in one particular direction. For example, I study social sciences at the university, the goal in this case is to get a general education on topics such as sociology, political science, philosophy. I do not look for these professions in depth, nor do I see my own future activities in this direction. Roughly speaking, I receive spiritual nourishment at university, I study the thought process. I have taken open elective subjects as a secondary specialty. In this case, I am much more diligent in learning, I am guided in choosing a subject based on specific needs and I focus on acquiring new skills.

For the last one year I have decided to conduct another experiment. I took an academic semester at university and focused on other methods of acquiring knowledge. I gained more practical knowledge, studied and tested my own skills in different professions from different angles. For the first time, I chose the internship program announced by Radio Liberty. I passed the competition and within two months, I got the basic practical knowledge from RFE / RL journalists and mastered the skills that are essential for a journalist. Teaching in this case had only the function of exchanging ideas and thoughts. The form of relationship with the interns was built on the model of cooperation of an experienced and novice journalist. During the training we worked on the topics selected by us, about which we prepared radio stories, we had direct contact with the respondents, We even received practical advice on technical details from RFE / RL reporters. After that I got better acquainted with the basic nuances related to the journalism profession, which I use constantly in practice. Although at this point I do not work specifically in this specialty.

Then in the semester I opted for a PR school where I take an integrated marketing communications course. I think that in gaining knowledge, it was quite logical to move from journalism to the process of studying the profession of a public relations specialist. The knowledge gained about these two adjacent professions will only complement each other and in the future I will be able to see the points of intersection of them from different angles in practical activities. As a journalist / blogger, I need to know how a company needs to interact with the media in a public relations campaign, and when creating a journalistic product, determine the point at which a line is drawn between news coverage and an ad story. As a public relations specialist, I know what model to use to build effective communication with the media,

by Abdullah Sam
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