Graphic reseller: 6 sales mistakes you should avoid!

To be successful in sales, whatever the area, you need to keep a close eye. Competition is always high and consumers are increasingly well informed. Therefore, it is essential that the graphic dealer is sufficiently prepared to provide good service, show his differential and maintain good relationships. Only in this way can you also avoid possible mistakes that may cause you to lose sales to your market rivals.

Do you know what these mistakes are? The first part of your preparation is getting to know them. And it was thinking about it that we decided to list some of the worst mistakes here in the post. Read carefully and stay on top of what you need to avoid to sell more!

1. Failing to add value to the marketed product

Gone are the times when the customer looked for a product or service on account of price alone. We know that price is important. However, the added value is even more relevant. A customer is looking for a solution to a particular problem. Therefore, it is essential that you take advantage of this hook and show objectively and clearly how your product and / or service will be influential (in a positive way) in the customer’s life.

For this to happen, the graphics dealer needs to highlight all the possible benefits involved in what he offers. Keep in mind that the client needs to be enchanted and choose his job in comparison with the others (taking into account various aspects, such as prices and benefits).

Your business should be seen by him as the best solution for your need. A good tip is to explore the competitive advantages of your printer.

2. Not knowing how to listen to the customer

Another big mistake is not listening to what the customer has to say. It may be that, in taking seriously the attempt to add value to your product or service, the dealer ends up extending his speech too much – and forget to pay due attention to the customer’s demands. If the seller does not identify well the problem that the customer wants to solve, he will hardly know how to position himself properly to solve it.

The consumer is increasingly determined and enlightened. If he looked for your business, chances are he has a good idea of ​​what he wants. The more space there is for him to talk about what he is looking for and what he needs, the more chances the dealer will have to advance the negotiation and complete the sale. This is because it will be possible to argue (with the benefits and differentials) at the crucial points of the customer’s need.

Otherwise, the seller will choose arguments that don’t even make sense to the consumer. It may be that he looks elsewhere for a more appropriate solution to his problem. So, talk less and listen more!

3. Not knowing your products very well

To argue about the benefits and competitive advantages, it is essential to know very well what you are selling. Otherwise, how can you solve the doubts that the customer brings?

If the dealer is taken by surprise and does not know how to answer customer questions, the result will be a negative customer experience. And it is very important to avoid this type of impression today, right?

A negative service experience causes the customer to lose confidence in the seller and, consequently, in the company. How is it possible to invest in what you don’t trust? The main consequence will be the search for another establishment to purchase the product and / or service you are looking for. And you will have missed the sale!

4. Failing to offer good personalized service

In light of what has already been discussed, you must have understood that excellent service is essential to achieve good sales opportunities. In view of the current competitive market , good service is no longer a differential, but a prerequisite. Therefore, there is great importance to personalize your service.

Understand that customers are not all the same. Customers are people – and each person will have their own way of behaving and their own characteristics. For this reason, standardized service for all customers does not work as well.

The most empathic and beneficial solution is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes so that the chances of selling are increased. In other words: it is necessary that the graphic dealer sees the situation from the consumer’s point of view. That way, each customer will feel special (as it should be seen).

5. Don’t keep in touch with inactive customers

The customers inactive (or former clients) should never be forgotten. They are the ones who can more clearly point out your mistakes as a graphic dealer, as well as give you great suggestions on how to improve. It is necessary to find out why that client became inactive, as well as why he did not request his services again.

It is these responses that provide all the guidance your graphics reseller service needs to be more successful and increase sales. It is not by chance that it is heard in the market that the “customer is always right”.

In addition, if it is possible to fix a mistake that displeased you, it is worth investing in these efforts. The customer will see the business with new eyes! After all, this type of attitude makes him feel important, respected and better served.

6. Try to manipulate the customer

One of the biggest mistakes of any salesperson is using the sales situation to manipulate the customer, that is, trying to make the sale at all costs. Getting the customer to speed up the decision process so that you can close the deal quickly is a dangerous action. It may be that, in a first situation, you may even be able to complete that sale, but that customer is unlikely to return for a second purchase.

It is much more interesting to aim to conquer the customer by just making a sale. In addition, when trying to manipulate the customer, more is said than heard. Know that the customer perceives the manipulation attempts. From then on, it doesn’t matter if your product or service will really be the best solution for him, as he will probably look for someone who actually shows that he cares about him.

These are the main mistakes that the graphic dealer needs to avoid at all costs if he wants to leverage sales. Remember that selling is an art. And, like all art, it is often necessary to invest in techniques and more knowledge. The results will be positive and the effort will pay off for your business!

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