Graphic products for Father’s Day: find out what materials to offer

The holidays are great opportunities to move trade throughout the year, especially those in which we honor the most special people. Therefore, graphic products for Father’s Day can be explored in different ways.

As with similar dates, people’s emotional state is influenced by appeals generated by advertisements in all media.

Thinking about it, it is worth investing in some graphic products in order to pay homage and messages of affection to parents. In today’s post, we separated some suggestions of graphic products that can help publicize this date and warm up sales. Check out!

6 graphic products for father’s day


The good old pamphlet, always used, has never ceased to be in evidence. This does not happen by chance, after all, it is a versatile piece, which can be used on both sides, promoting the brand and the most interesting products for Father’s Day.

To guarantee a good use of the pamphlet there is no secret, just be simple and objective in the descriptions. Show your proposals directly and clearly, without exaggerating the information.

The colors must be in accordance with the identity of your brand , to maintain a coherent unity, however, the ideal is to explore in a way that draws the attention of the consuming public.

You can also highlight the contact details, such as the company’s website and, on the back, take the opportunity to exalt the date in question, showing all your admiration on that day.


Banners also show great results and are widely used to advertise any type of advertising. Its dimensions – much larger than the pamphlet – allow the use of the front only.

Because it is a graphic material of great proportions, it attracts attention more easily. So, take the opportunity to produce a well-designed piece, with a powerful message, along with an impactful image. Then, the ideal is to post in a place of great circulation of people to gain better visibility.

Mini banners

This material has several uses, such as personalizing photos, inserting thank you messages, paying homage among other options. For Father’s Day it is another piece that can be used to present products and services combined with a tribute.

In addition, although it has the same appearance and structure as a traditional banner, its dimensions are much smaller, which gives it a “treat” aspect; a charming miniature.


The catalogs serve to present photographs and product information in more detail, for a specific audience. The most common, known to all of us, circulate abundantly in cosmetics and clothing stores.

To enjoy the celebration of Father’s Day, it is interesting to explore the theme. Merge fun, emotional or reflective messages with photos of the products offered by your brand and scenarios illustrating the daily lives of parents and children, in various situations.


The folder is similar to the leaflet , with the advantage of covering more folds – two to three – expanding the space to detail more information, or even, a conceptual content aimed at promoting the brand.

Thus, it is possible to use this piece, to better explore the theme while you expose your products and services.

Postal cards

This is a graphic product made especially for expressions of affection. Postcards are excellent options for graphic products for Father’s Day. You can keep this piece in your store to make it available to customers in order to attach to the product. It is a friendly way to encourage your customers to pay tribute to their parents along with a gift.

Companies can take advantage of this feature to present employees in internal marketing campaigns . With such attitudes, they show their appreciation to the organization’s employees, creating closer ties.

Graphic products for Father’s Day can and should be created with all the creativity that your imagination is capable of producing. Choose several of them and warm up that special date even more!

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