Graphic products for beauty salons: find out which ones to sell

The beauty market has grown a lot in recent years and, along with it, the graphic products for beauty salons. The cosmetics sector is one of the most solid in Brazil, which is the third largest beauty market in the world, second only to China and the United States.

According to SEBRAE, in terms of Hairnor , the sector moved around R $ 3.6 billion in 2015 alone. However, even for a segment that is practically unsteady in the face of occasional crises, it is important to invest in disclosure to have better management and sell more.

Do you know which graphic products are best suited to further improve sales at these outlets? Continue reading and find out what they are, their characteristics and the importance that each one has for the salons!

Graphic products for beauty salons

Administrative items

Some administrative items can be considered indispensable graphic products for beauty salons. This is because, they help in publicizing the business and strengthening the brand in the memory of customers, partners, suppliers and other people who come into contact with your company. Note which items you should bet on:

Blocks and beads

Every professional who wishes to issue receipts and orders needs blocks and / or receipts. They can be made in different sizes and with different finishes, and the objective is to facilitate the organization of your company’s work.


They are widely used in beauty salons – large, medium or small. It is there that professionals make notes related to customers scheduled for the week and where they have access to vacant hours, possible holidays, among other reports.

The booklets can also be customized with spaces in ideal dimensions, in addition to containing a part in which the administration notes the contacts of customers for cases in which a notice needs to be forwarded, for example.

All of this contributes to the best organization and productivity of the salon. Without them, it is possible that the entire structure of the salon will be very disorganized, which would be an extremely negative point for customers. Therefore, it is one of the items that cannot be missing in your business.


Personalized calendars are a way to please the most special customers with a very useful souvenir. Everyone needs to consult a calendar at some point during the week, don’t they? How about if this consultation is made on a specific graphic material that still strengthens the image of the beauty salon in the client’s memory?

It may be that he realizes that he needs to schedule a time to take care of his appearance due to that party or celebration that is coming – and that he just consulted in the calendar of the salon itself. Have you thought about that hypothesis?

Visit cards

The business card is a form of representation of the company that can be delivered to a customer or future partner. It is essential that forms of contact with the business in question are contained:

  • phone numbers;
  • email;
  • site;
  • Address;
  • company logo and visual identity.

In addition, it is important that the business card conveys the company’s values. It is not only a common way to advertise your business, but it also serves to fix a souvenir with a good representation of your brand.

Thus, the layout must be very well presented and elaborated, to the point of encouraging those who receive it to make future contact and visit the website to learn more about the company.

Loyalty card

This is one of the graphic products for beauty salons most used by salon owners. Much like the business card, the loyalty card is widely used as a customer loyalty strategy. Usually made as a double card , it has the same information as the business card, but with extra spaces to add the offer.

Some examples of loyalty campaign that you can suggest for your client’s loyalty card can be:

  • every ten cuts get a free dye application
  • make ten brushes and get a free manicure
  • do your nails 5 times and the sixth is on us

Anyway, the possibilities of offers are several. The important thing is to think of strategies that are able to engage the client to continue going to the salon.

Disclosure Products

Anyone who owns any business needs to invest in good advertising materials if they want to increase the number of customers and reach their target audience. Knowing who these people are, it is easier to understand which materials will be the most suitable.

We have listed some graphic products for beauty salons that are essential for promotion and should not be left out. Follow!

Flyers and folders

Flyers are often a simpler and sometimes cheaper option. In them, the language must be clear and objective so that the people who receive the material quickly find the information and understand the message that the company wants to convey.

Folders are slightly more elaborate materials. They usually have more information than flyers, in addition to folding . They can be considered “more valuable” and sophisticated pieces. Therefore, folders are indicated for those audiences who already value this type of content to be served.

In both models, it is important to emphasize the visual identity of the beauty salon, so that it stays in the minds of potential customers – even if subconsciously. The dissemination of these materials can happen at distribution points, events, parties and inaugurations, for example.


Anyone looking for prominence in any type of environment should consider the poster as an incredible advertising product , as it provides positive impacts and great results for the business.

Posters are still a form of printed art that offers many possibilities when it comes to creative content that draws attention. In addition, they can be made in various sizes and applied in different locations, such as:

  • transit points for people;
  • walls;
  • panels;
  • displays;
  • posts;
  • indoor environments.

It is an excellent way to publicize services, products, possible promotions, events and other information in general. It is also important to take advantage of the layout of the poster to highlight the beauty salon brand.

The good use of images – without excesses and with quality – can help in attracting the eyes to your poster. The use of empty spaces in the graphic piece is also important, because they are the ones that help your message to have greater impact and prominence.


The adhesives are indicated for stamping external and internal environments. They work as decorative elements and even as signage. They can be applied to facades, showcases, signs, room decorations and in event and fair stands.

Other than that, the stickers can be printed on transparent vinyl and in various sizes. Everything according to the customer’s needs.

Whatever your choices, it is essential to purchase all these graphic products for beauty salons from a company specialized and experienced in the market. Only then can quality be guaranteed with the best cost-benefit ratio.


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