Grapex – Fights herpes, ringworm and candidiasis

Grapefruit, also known by its English name, grapefruit, is part of the citrus genus and grows in clusters on trees, like grapes. It is found in a variety of colors – ranging from yellow, pink, and red – and flavors – ranging from sweet to sour.

This is popularly known for its rich composition of phytochemicals and
vitamins, such as bioflavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Therefore, it is increasingly present in the scientific and clinical environment due to this very rich composition that promotes numerous benefits. It also has other very important properties in health care, being widely used since the beginning of the 20th century due to its medicinal properties.

It is said that the doctor, physicist and immunologist, Dr. Jacob Harich, upon discovering that grapefruit seeds thrown in the compost did not decompose, began to examine this phenomenon observed in the fertilizer more closely. He discovered
with surprise that the material contained (phytochemicals) in grapefruit seeds had a potent antimicrobial action.

Thus, it was found that the extract obtained from grapefruit seeds
has activity against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and other fungi, thus demonstrating its potent capacity to modulate microbial development.

Grapex® 60% is the grapefruit seed extract that, due to its
properties of reducing microbial development and modulating local inflammation, promotes benefits for the care of herpes, mycosis and candidiasis, acting strategically on the immune system of the affected skin.

Grapex® 60% has a high concentration of bioflavonoids and other phytochemicals that, according to scientific studies, demonstrate its ability to activate the local immune system by increasing the body’s protection against pathogens, antimicrobial action, antioxidant and modulatory action of local inflammation.

• Helps in the prevention and care of herpes, candidiasis and mycoses;
• Assists in the care of dermal pathologies promoted by bacteria, fungi and viruses;
• Strengthens and improves the immune system of the affected region;
• Softens the inflammatory state present in dermal pathologies such as psoriasis and dermatitis;
• Modulates local inflammation.


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