Gourmet coffee: for the discerning palate!

Nowadays, it is much easier to have contact with food and drinks from different parts of the world. You can have lunch at a Japanese restaurant and end the day at a Mexican happy hour , right?

In this diversity of flavors, a drink, which is the darling of Brazil, is not left out: coffee! Today we have coffees from different origins and blends available . One that Brazilians like is gourmet coffee.

But what is gourmet coffee?

It is coffee made with arabica beans that are separated manually. The way of harvesting and roasting gives it very different characteristics from the coffee we already know: it comes out with a much more engaging aroma and loses that bitterness that ordinary coffee leaves in our mouth. The gourmet of the name already denounces: it is a coffee of superior quality. And after you taste it, you will understand why all this fever!

I want coffee, now what?

Go to the nearest cafeteria and place your order! But if you don’t want to leave the house (in the cold, we understand you) don’t despair! There are already subscription services that deliver a fresh package to your home for a very friendly price. Just look for what best suits you!


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