GoPro Hero 9;Review

Enlarge everything! Developers from GoPro Inc. and released the ninth action series. And, judging by the characteristics of the new cameras, they did not deceive. Here are superfunctions that were not there before, and the improvement of the previous parameters.

In general, why guess and imagine when you can read and see everything about the appearance and functionality in the GoPro Hero 9 review .

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GoPro Hero 9 Bundle & Design

The novelty comes in an oblong dense black box with a camera image on the front. Inside is a hard case with all the contents. It can be further used for storage and transportation of “gouproshka” and its accessories.

In the set:

  • camera;
  • battery;
  • cable YUSB-S;
  • fastening buckle + screw;
  • adhesive mount.

Visually, this is the same “gooproshka”: a rectangular body in the classic black color, a slightly protruding lens at the top right. But something has changed.

A color 1.4-inch display appeared on the front panel. Not touch-sensitive. On this screen, during shooting, you can see everything that you are shooting. Just like in conventional camcorders . Even in sunny weather, everything is clearly visible on the front display. Of course, bloggers successfully used the G8 without it. Now, speaking to the camera will be much more convenient.

By going to the menu, you can turn off the additional screen or activate the modes:

  1. States – you can see how many videos and photos have been recorded, what recording mode is set, what is the state of the battery and memory card.
  2. Full display – the display shows the entire picture that is filmed on the ninth “GoPro”. You can clearly see what is in the frame and what is not.
  3. Full Screen Fill – Displays a portion of the video so you can see every detail.

The rear, already touchscreen display received a 2.27 ″ diagonal (increased by 16% compared to the eighth series ) and an IPS-matrix. The brightness is more than enough. It is definitely more convenient to watch the material and expose the frame with the “nine”.

The company returned the interchangeable lens to GoPro, as there were cases when during extreme filming something flew into the lens and the camera broke. Now it is removable, if necessary, you can replace the protective glass, put on filters or new modules.

On the right side of the case there is a compartment for a battery and a flash card up to 64 gigs. There is also a USB connector for recharging the gadget. On the opposite side there is a Mode button and a microphone under it. On the top panel there is a rather large button for activating shooting. Quickly starts video recording even if the gadget was turned off. In the novelty, the “ears” for the fasteners are foldable, integrated in the lower part of the case.

In addition, the dimensions of the device have changed. The camera has gained in volume and weight. Dimensions “nine” – 71x55x33 mm, it weighs 158 g. Let’s say the weight of Hero 7 is only 116 grams.

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The ninth “gooproshka” is literally crammed with a variety of options that will help you shoot mega-cool videos and photos.

So, GoPro Hero and an overview of the wealth of its functionality:

Function What is useful
Horizon leveling During shooting, the camera may “tilt” left / right, but thanks to the software, the picture remains stable. You can tilt the gadget ≈ up to 45 ° and the horizon will not change
Pre-shooting Set for 15 or 30 sec. The camera writes information to the clipboard. When a cool moment appears, you need to press the shooting button, and at this second the video that was recorded is saved in the device’s memory. Then you do not need to look for an interesting frame, reviewing all the footage
LiveBurst Shooting video in 1.5 sec. before and after pressing the camera shutter. You can choose a good shot from 90 images or share a 3-second clip. Analogue of “live” photography in  Apple gadgets
Time Lapse and Preset Recording Time In the settings, the time and duration of the action camera activation are set. You can place the gooproshka in a convenient place, for example, for shooting a night time-lapse, leave the camera and go about your business. The gadget will turn itself on at a given time, shoot a video and turn off on time

“Nine” shoots photos in 20 megapixels and in RAW format. This allows for post-processing of the footage.

One of the important features of the GoPro Hero 9 is the waterproof and dustproof housing. Thanks to this, another cool feature has been implemented – diving with an action camera to a depth of 10 meters without the need to pack the latter in an aquakease .

The device supports the installation of additional mods, for example, Max-Lens. With it, you can rotate the camera 360 ° in one plane, and the picture remains static. The video viewing angle is increased up to 155 °.

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With the help of “gooproshka” you can make live broadcasts on YouTube, social networks. Use as a webcam for distance learning, online negotiations.

The GoPro 9, when connected to a computer, can broadcast in Full HD. To connect the equipment, you will need a YUSB-S cord. You need to install the official Webcam Desktop program on your PC. The installation does not take long, after downloading it is enough to follow the instructions on the screen, and as a result, the GoPro icon will appear on the desktop.

Do not forget to turn on the camera and broadcast at least in Skype, at least in “Zoom”, at least in other popular applications.

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5k video

The new era of “GoPro” was marked by the replacement of the camera sensor. Instead of 12 megapixels, which was still in the 3rd series, they installed 23 megapixels. This will allow you to make videos in 5K resolution.

The “nine” has many shooting modes:

  • 1080p at 24 – 240 fps;
  • 7K at 24 – 120 fps;
  • 4K up to 60 fps.

At a resolution of 5120 by 2880 pixels. you can choose from 24-30 frames per second.

In addition, the ninth action camera features the updated HyperSmooth stabilization system, version 3.0. Eliminates the “jelly” effect and allows you to shoot cool videos without jitter during biking, skiing, running and other activities.

Fast motion – TimeWarp 3.0 mode

The “nine” improved the “fast passage of time” mode. It is now version 3.0. You can make fast-paced videos in 4K.

One of the shooting modifications is the Speed ​​Ramp mode. When shooting a timewarp, you can stop the video at normal speed in real time, comment on the fragment and continue high-speed recording. It is possible to use audio when changing the speed.

Improved autonomy

The ninth “GoPro” received a 1720 milliampere-hour battery. The battery capacity has been increased by 30% compared to the G8.

The manufacturer has also improved the thermal insulation of the battery. Now, at low temperatures, the camera will not “hang” and turn off due to the short-term discharge of the battery.

The operating time of the camera depends on the selected shooting mode: the higher the resolution, the more actively the charge is “consumed”. But the losses are largely offset by the increased capacity of the akka.

Let’s sum up the review of GoPro Hero 9 – video cameras, photomodule, webcam. The ninth episode turned out to be really cool. The company has worked on past bugs and made many useful updates and improvements. Take 5K shooting, a couple of displays, phenomenal stabilization and a clear built-in microphone. The ninth “gooproshka” earned the title of the main action hit of the twentieth year.


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