Google Maps not working: what to do

If Google Maps does not work, you must know what to do so that the application works correctly again, so we have prepared this guide with the best recommendations so that you can have all the maps and directions that you normally use to move around the city on your mobile again.

These types of situations usually affect us when we need Google Maps the most, either to find an address, the location of a restaurant and it simply does not work, an error message appears, or it closes unexpectedly without leaving us any alternative at the time.

In some cases we can see that we are going to a website and it indicates the address of the store, for example, with a link from Google maps and when we try to open it an error appears, in that first case it is not your responsibility, but The website you are on has not adjusted its maps to the new Google specifications , therefore the error has occurred and in that case you can do nothing more than notify the owner.

But that does not prevent you from locating the address on your own in Google Maps, you simply have to open the application, place the name of the place and then you will have the address with the directions without major problem, so let’s say that at this point you have already solved one of the many problems that can arise with the Mountain View maps application.

How to activate or deactivate speed limits in Google Maps

The GPS is on with the icon in red and a question mark

This is another of the typical problems that can arise with Google Maps, simply the icon to load your location appears in red and with the symbol “?” in the center, but that has a simple explanation: Google Maps cannot access your location because it does not have the permissions to do so .

This normally happens if we have not granted the necessary permissions in the application, or if you indicated that it should request access to the location only when the app is running and it should always ask, if by mistake you did not allow it, it simply will not have a physical way to to be able to locate you on the map and therefore, all the associated functions will not be available.

But don’t worry as in this guide we have solutions and no more problems. To fix it, you only have to grant permission to access your location on Google Maps, to do this press that button again and the application will request access again, you must grant it then, but if you checked the option “Do not ask again” then you must follow the Next steps:

  • Go to the Android settings
  • Then go to the Applications section
  • Now select Google Maps by clicking on it
  • Click on the Permissions option
  • Now find the Location option
  • Activate the permission corresponding to Location

From this moment on, the red symbol with the question mark about your location on Google Maps should disappear and you can then find your correct location.

“No reply” message on Google Maps

Now we are going to see another of the problems that can be presented to us with Google Maps and that is the Not Responding notice that may appear on the screen. This error happens not only with Google maps but with any app that we have installed on our mobile, it is due to the fact that your device, as it can also be your connection to the network, is too slow and does not allow the application that it requires to run correctly data.

Another reason why this can happen is that the temperature of your device has risen too high and the processor is not able to execute the action and then generates a temporary error.

It will almost always work to choose the Wait option and give yourself a few seconds for the app to react normally, that will give Google Maps time to resume its process to work correctly again. Other alternatives that you can use would be to close the application to open it again, reinstall it or restart the mobile.

An additional action that you can take with the application is to close it and then go to the Applications option on Android, then find the Google Maps application and clear the data and cache to eliminate any traces of what could generate the error.

Google Maps unexpectedly closes or won’t open

We continue on the streak of common errors that we can find in Google Maps and now we go to those moments in which the app may close unexpectedly while we are using it or that it simply does not open, you may see an error message or do not. Almost always this action corresponds to a specific error in Google Maps , something that does not happen normally.

In many cases you cannot do anything about it, because it may be an internal error within the app and it will probably be solved in a new update on Google Play.

In this case, you can try to clear the cache and Google Maps data , as we explained in the previous steps, as well as you can choose to delete the app completely and reinstall it from the application store, thus check if there is a more updated version in which the problem has already been solved.

Google Maps appears offline

Another problem that can arise with Google Maps is when it appears offline, the same error explains everything and is that the application is not having access to the Internet , something that should not surprise you, because certainly the app can work up to a point with the GPS and locally, but it will need to use data to be able to offer you details about locations, routes, perform searches … so if you don’t have a network, then it will show the message.

The solution is simple: connect to the Internet , it can be through mobile data or the WiFi network, but if you think you have Internet on your phone and it is an error in the app, then try the following steps to solve the problem:

  • Verify that airplane mode is not active
  • Turn on your WiFi connection and connect to an available network
  • Turn on your mobile data

You can use airplane mode to reconnect your network , that is, turn it on and then off a few seconds later, so your phone’s radio will search the network again and access the Internet correctly.

Error: No results in Google Maps

Another very common error that can occur in Google Maps is the one in which it indicates that “there are no results in Google Maps” something that will happen after trying to do a search.

The Google algorithm is present even in Maps, it has the ability to correct searches, even some grammatical errors, but when it is already something impossible to do, it simply shows that there are no results available.

The only thing you have left in this case is to check that you have written correctly what you are looking for , as well as add a little more information about it, that will help Google to show you better and more results in less time, for example, in Instead of placing global shoe store, you can place “world shoe store Madrid” that will reduce the possibilities and guarantee the search.

The trick: it eliminates additional words that do not add any value to the search and that allows you to do a cleaner search, in some cases the additional words can generate the negative result that we talk about in this section.

You can’t find your favorite places

It may happen that you open Google Maps and discover that the places you have saved are not on the map , but don’t worry because it is something easy to solve. It is important that you verify some parameters such as, for example, that you have not signed in with your Google account.

Another cause may be that you are currently using a different account, you may even have entered incognito mode and that prevents you from seeing those details that are directly linked to your Google account.

The solutions are different depending on the case to which it is related:

  • In the event that you are using a different account, then log in with yours by logging in correctly . This will show your favorite places again.
  • In case you are using Google Maps incognito then you must deactivate it.
  • Verify that you are logged into Google, if you are not registered your information will not be displayed.

Errors with the Google Maps compass

Finally, among the errors that occur within Google Maps is the one that prevents the compass or the focus from correctly indicating your location on the map and the direction you are going.

But you should not worry because it is a more common mistake than you think and the solution is as simple as calibrating the compass again . In Google Maps you can calibrate it without problem, to do this simply press the blue point that shows your location and then select the Calibrate compass option.

The next step will be to move the mobile by making the movement of number eight in the air , something that will show you the instructions of the phone on the screen.

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