Good leaders are chosen people who are smart, strong, capable and have good capacity to be able to guide and direct their group members to achieve common goals by applying good and healthy ways. Whereas, millennial generation is a group of generations whose presence is assessed after Generation X. To determine the age range of the millennial generation itself, experts and researchers often use the early 1980s as the birth of the millennial generation and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as final year of birth.


In describing millennial generation, many people give a negative stigma to this generation. Some say “millennials are selfish people”, “millennials are children who do not want to bother”, others say that “millennials cannot live under pressure”, and several other negative stigmas.


These negative stigmas often make new leaders afraid and overwhelmed if they have to manage and lead millennial generation. But as a leader, we cannot help but face the fact that millennials have begun to enter the workforce and their population is increasing day by day. Therefore, a leader must prepare physically and mentally very well in order to become a good leader for millennial generation.


How to Become a Good Leader for Millennials? 

According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 4 main steps to being a good leader for millennial generation. The four steps that we will discuss in this article are considered to be objective steps to be able to help the millennial generation in developing themselves for the better. And to achieve that, we need a good leader and expert in managing and leading them. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Define the Scope of Responsibility and Encourage Them to Explore.

The first thing we need to do in leading a millennial generation is to define the scope for which they are responsible. It is intended that millennial employees can understand well what their duties and obligations are, and what things can be categorized as a second focus, so that what they do does not come out of the responsibilities given.


In addition, we also need to encourage the spirit of millennials to continue to explore. For example, keep thinking of bright ideas, trying to continue to innovate, think critically, and so forth. However, still show them that all forms of exploration must also be accompanied by a high sense of responsibility.


2. Be a Friendly Leader, but Still Firm.

Unfortunately, most leaders or managers assume that they don’t need to be friendly and kind to millennial employees. The reason is, they feel that such hospitality will only spoil the millennial generation or belittle them as leaders.


In fact, this condition will only torture millennials. They will feel strangers in the office every day. Even worse, they feel they are not valued as an employee by their leader. Millennial generation consists of people who want to feel valued and recognized for their existence. They also really like the work environment that is full of comfort where they can have fun but at the same time they can also develop themselves with challenging work tasks.


Lots of people say that the millennial generation are lazy people who don’t like to work hard. Even though they are not like working hard and trying hard, they will give their maximum effort if the atmosphere and conditions make them excited and challenged to do their best.


If they feel uncomfortable with a leader’s attitude that is cold and unfriendly, then how can they be comfortable working with a leader like this? Try to make them “friends” but at the same time be strong leaders . So they know the boundaries that must be kept, even though their leader is a very friendly person. When millennials are comfortable with the attitude of their leaders, believe that without being asked to be a productive employee, millennial employees will definitely give their best performance.


3. Don’t Spoil Employees, But Stay Constructive

Due to the nature of millennial generation that is easily offended and quite sensitive, some people think that a leader must be careful when talking to them, both in discussions and when delivering work assignments. If we do not guard the hearts of millennial employees properly, it is feared that they will immediately resign from the company and look for other jobs.


This will be more difficult when too many turnover of millennial employees in the company. Not only a waste of time for the recruitment process, but this condition will also spend quite a lot of money because every new employee recruited will definitely enter the job training first. Meanwhile, those who are trained will not last long in the company.


The thing that needs to be done is not being pampering employees, but on the other hand also being constructive to them. If there is feedback we have to convey to millennial employees, then we still need to deliver it. Submitting feedback aims to help their development properly. So, deliver feedback in a constructive tone and choice of words. We are sure they will feel happy and really understand it.


4. Encourage Collaboration to Increase Motivation and Satisfaction.

Millennials have excellent abilities and sophisticated skills, especially in using technology. This positive value needs to be used by good leaders in guiding their millennial employees to collaborate with each other and form strong team members, who motivate each other. So that millennial generation can achieve their respective job satisfaction. Strong collaboration will help millennials to get self-fulfillment in every job they give.


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