Good food for your eyes

We are what we eat. It is indisputable that the food eaten has a decisive influence on health, balancing the body if the diet is adequate. As far as the eye is concerned, there are certain ingredients that are especially beneficial for it, strengthening it, protecting it or favoring a possible recovery from any damage caused. Experts from Multiópticas, leader in the optical sector in Spain, explain what these ingredients are and why they have a positive effect on how we see.

There are those who turn to supplements to cover a poor diet and improve health in general, and eyesight in particular. Many labs and brands make these compounds beneficial to the eyes.

These supplements should always be an added value in the diet of any person, but never become the basis of a nutritional routine, since the body absorbs better the nutrients of natural origin, making it more convenient to go to foods such as those mentioned above, than allow a balanced diet.

What foods?

Red pepper, papaya, strawberry, kiwi, currant, parsley, broccoli, lemons, guavas, cantaloupe, or cauliflower.


Because they are rich in vitamin C , which forms a large part of the lens and has antioxidant capacity, protecting the eye, for example, from cataracts.


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