Golden Yak: an ancient adventure

Golden Yak is an excellent example of what it means to have fun in a simple way and with a guaranteed profit. Set in the distant lands of Mongolia, this slot has a friendly interface. Relaxing sounds of the Orient are combined with attractive ancient figures on a background of purple mountains that will undoubtedly transport you to another era.

This is a five-reel game that, like most slots, pays from left to right in consecutive order (except for the Bonus, Level Up and Blue Temple symbols, which pay in either direction).

Looking for the Golden Yak?

  1. Bonus or Scatter Symbol on the Golden Yak
  2. Level Up Symbol
  3. Blue Temple Symbol
  4. Wild or Wild symbol

Accounts, in total, with 1024 possible winning combinations and you will be able to access wilds, Bonus symbols and free spins. This game has an RTP (Return to Player Ratio) of 95.52%.

The creatures of the Golden Yak are horses, feline beasts, reindeer, and eagles. You can also run into a Mongolian hunter and, of course, the mythical Yak, the most important figure.

The temple will be the Bonus symbol that will allow you to get free spins. Other lower value symbols like J’s, K’s, Q’s and A’s complete this exciting game. Let’s see, next, the value of the most emblematic figures in this game.

Bonus or Scatter Symbol on the Golden Yak

The appearance of 3 or 4 of these symbols triggers a round of 7 free spins, regardless of where they appear on the screen. This benefit, in addition, is cumulative with the prize that, in itself, grants the combination of these three figures (and with other simultaneous winning combinations).

In the free spins screen you will also have the advantage of having multipliers that will enhance your chances of your winnings, as well as exclusive symbols of this modality. For many it far exceeds the complexity of online games such as Sudoku or Pasapalabra .

Level Up Symbol

This symbol appears only during the free spins round. Unlike other slots, in Golden Yak you can level up (up to a maximum of six), which makes it a completely engaging game.

In addition, 2, 3 or 4 of these figures trigger seven rounds of free spins on the next level. In total, in the Bonus or Free Spins mode you will have the possibility of increasing your winnings up to 100 times!

Blue Temple Symbol

This figure also appears exclusively in the Free Spins mode. Replaces the Level Up symbol when the next level has been activated and there are still free spins on the current level.

Wild or Wild symbol

It is the most important symbol, since it replaces all the other figures, except for the three just mentioned: Bonus, Level Up and Blue Temple. This ancient animal will only appear on the second and fourth reels. Your greatest benefit will be to become a multiplier during the Free Spins mode: between 2x and 10x, depending on the corresponding level.

As you will see, with Golden Yak you will be able to increase your chances of winning as you progress into the game. The ability to level up will make you want to keep playing. And winning is going to get easier, of course! What are you waiting for?


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