God of War PS4 Guide – Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Welcome to the most complete guide of God of War for PS4, discover all the secrets of the game, complete it 100%, get all the trophies and find out all about the new adventure of the god of war. As is known, Kratos put an end to everything that stood in his way in ancient Greece. However, now, tired and much changed, he lives in the far northern kingdoms accompanied by his son Atreus . Don’t miss a thing in God of War PS4 with our complete game guide.

Frequent questions

  • How to improve the armor:You will have to wait until you have advanced enough in the story to unlock the store. You can upgrade your gear in any of the in-game stores.
  • How to get the materials to improve the weapons:These are materials that the game automatically gives us when defeating the bosses. For the last upgrade of the main weapons you must complete the optional Realms.
  • How to get better armor:The best armor is obtained in Niflheim . In chests the team is mostly random.
  • How to get XP and Silver quickly; There is no fast system, the game is perfectly balanced in this regard.
  • Do you have to have played the previous God of War to understand the story?  As long as you know who Kratos is and who he killed in Greece, you can understand the story perfectly.
  • Is there a New Game +? No, but once the story is over, you can continue playing.
  • Is any mission or collectible to be missed? No, everything can be done once the game is over.


We tell you how to overcome all the God of War story missions , without spoilers and indicating a good part of the collectibles you will find on your way. If you want to get the most out of your game, don’t miss our complete guide to the God of War story


God of War offers us a few side quests , which in this case are named Favors. From the smallest creatures to the largest monsters, everyone has something to ask of you and we will tell you how to fulfill everything. All favors .


The Valkyries are back on earth. However, it seems that they are not precisely of their own free will. Kratos will have to face them and find out what has happened if he wants to fix this situation. Defeating all the Valkyries will not be easy, but we will help you get out of the fighting alive.



Lost in the northern kingdoms we will find lots of objects to collect. If you think that you cannot find everyone, don’t worry, we will help you not to miss a single one. There is an unusually high number of collectibles in God of War (over 300) and in this section we will cover the following:

  • Odin’s Ravens: There are some brilliant birds scattered throughout Midgard, Alfheim and Helheim.
  • Findings: Each zone has a series of thematic collectibles that we can then sell.
  • Sanctuaries: the Giants left some Sanctuaries where, with images, they told their story.
  • Chests of the Nornas: some chests / puzzles that hide the necessary objects to maximize our health and anger.
    • Idunn apples
    • Bloody Mead Horns
  • Markers of knowledge: scattered throughout the kingdoms there are monoliths and runes that will allow us to learn more.
  • Tears: distortions in space-time. Sometimes there will be enemies before you can get the reward.
  • Legendary Chests: These chests contain better items than normal chests.
  • Mystic accesses: these are the points that we can use to teleport when we advance in the game.

Treasure maps

A site as old as Midgard cannot have everything at a glance. Spread across the various regions of the Kingdom of Men, you will find a number of locations that have hidden treasure. These treasures contain special Resources , focused on improving our accessories and, of course, getting a good amount of Silver.

Don’t go too fast, because you will have to find the maps in order to collect the treasures . The first is easy, for the second you may have problems, since they only give you an image and a clue where to look.

In total there are 12 Treasure Maps with their corresponding treasures that we can find, and as we say, they are all in Midgard.

Odin’s Hidden Chambers

The father of the northern gods has a series of caches for his treasures scattered throughout the Realms. What have you really hidden in these places and why? There is only one way to find out: by opening the Chambers. All Odin’s hidden chambers .

All main and optional kingdoms

Muspelheim and Niflheim are there, somewhere. They will offer a challenge to those who dare to enter the flames and the fog and, of course, a reward to match. We tell you how to get to them and how to complete them 100%. All kingdoms .

Weapons and abilities

If you want to know how many weapons are in the game , the abilities of each one and what is necessary to activate the bonuses, this is your section. Watch out! In this section there are inevitable spoilers .

Secret / Alternative True Ending

When you finish the story and everything you want to do in God of War , there’s still something else you should see. There is an additional scene of the most important to discover. Secret ending .


In God of War we will face a lot of different enemies, practically all from the Norse mythology that the game is inspired by. We tell you everything about the enemies of God of War , so that you do not have problems when facing Draugr, Hells, Nightmares, Apparitions and other aberrations that are on your way. Watch out! In this section there are spoilers about the bosses of the game .

Trophy Guide

Looking for Platinum in the game? Of course, why not. It is a complicated Platinum, but you are going to be having a good time collecting collectibles, yes. What you should know before going for trophies is:

  • There are no losable trophies, you can do everything whenever you want.
  • No collectible is lost.
  • It is not necessary to get 100% of all maps for Platinum.
  • There is no need to collect 100% of the collectibles for Platinum.
  • There is no NG +, but there is a postgame.

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