If God exists, why did he create evil, injustices and wars?

If God really exists, why did He create evil, injustice and wars? Is God pure, good, loving and just? If so, where does evil, hatred and injustice come from?

God is Love and Totally Just

Allah tells us that He is pure, loving and absolutely just in every way. He says that He is the best in justice . He also tells us that life here is a test. He created everything that exists and He created everything that happens too. There is nothing in this existence except what He has created. He also says in the Qur’an that He created evil (although He is not evil). He’s using it as one of many tests for us.

Considering the people who do very badly in this land and they live in a mature old age in the splendor and wealth of their poorly earned earnings and die without ever having been accountable for their actions. Where’s the justice and equality in that? Allah has a clear answer for us in the Quran as well as what he has prepared for these evil people:

A brief pleasure in this world! – And then it will be their return to us, so we must make them taste the most severe torment because they tend to disbelieve [in Allah, disconcert their messengers, deny and challenge their proofs, signs, verses and etc.] [Holy Quran 10:70 ]

On that day humanity will proceed in dispersed groups so that they can be shown their actions. So whoever does good, equal to the weight of an atom, must see it. And then anyone who does evil equal to the weight of an atom, must see it. [Holy Quran 99: 6-8]

People think they will be left because they say, ” We believe ”, and we are not going to be tested. And we did test those who were before them. And Allah will surely make (this) know (the truth about) those who are true, and will certainly make (this) know (the falsehood of) those who were liars, (although Allah knows everything before putting them in test). Or do those who do evil acts think they can overtake us (escape our punishment)? Evil is what they judge!

Although hopes for the encounter with Allah, and Allah’s term is certainly coming. And he is the Whole listener, The Knower. And whoever strives, he strives only for himself. In truth, Allah is free from all Alamin’s desire (making, jinns, and all of that exist). 

Those who believe [in the Oneness of Allah (Monotheism) and in his messenger Muhammad, that the peace of God be upon him, and did not bet because it is a loss that they receive from polytheists] and do the good deeds, in truth, we will leave them bad deeds and we will reward them according to the best of what they used to do.

And we have been directing the man to be good and obedient to his parents, but if they strive to make you join Me (in worship) nothing (as a partner) of which you are unaware, then they will not obey. About Me is your return, and I must tell you what you used to do.

And for those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah and other aspects of the Faith) and do good deeds, in truth, We must make them enter the (at the entrance of) the kind (in Paradise).

In humanity there are some who say, ” We believe in Allah ”, but if they are made to suffer for the sake of Allah, they regard humanity’s judgment as the punishment of Allah.

If victory comes from their Lord, (the hypocrites) will say: “Truly! We were with you (helping you). ”

Isn’t Allah the best connoisseur of what is in Alamin’s chest (humanity and jins)?

In truth, Allah knows those who believe, and in truth, He knows the hypocrites Allah will test people with bad and good days to discriminate between the good and the wicked (although Allah knows everything before putting it to the test). [Holy Quran 29: 2-11]

Rewards and punishments are definitely part of the next life on a very permanent basis. Those who suffer in this life and apparently have nothing to show for all their hard work, good deeds and sacrifices and keeping to the faith can have an optimistic look for greater reward in a place where these things will not be temporary but instead they will be for eternity. Those who corrupt, rape, injure, do evil and destroy seem to escape any justice here, yet in the next life they will also see the fruits of their labors, and they will certainly be paid according to what they did.

As for oppression, this is something that Allah forbids for Himself to do and He hates it when anyone oppresses someone. He has power in absolutely everything. It allows for illness, discord, death and also oppression so everyone can be tested in what we do.


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