That day comes that you were waiting for and how far away it looked: you’re going to be an uncle . Your role is not easy, you will be a reference for your nephew and you have to set an example from the first moment. But you are already in the countdown of the baby’s arrival and you still do not know what detail to do to be the best uncle in the world .

You have come to the right place, because we are going to give you some very original ideas to surprise future parents.

It is important that the gift is personalized and original , to give it a more particular touch and that your brother / sister sees that you have taken care of every detail for them.


  • A basket with details
  • A book about parenting
  • Custom song
  • Baby shower
  • Custom phones

A basket with details

Buy bath products, snacks you like, incense if your brother / sister likes to set the house, a movie … They can enjoy it alone or with their partner to relax before the baby is born and they spend the nights without sleep.

A book about parenting

Books on motherhood and fatherhood are a very important ally, especially for first-time parents. They give many answers to questions that surely they had been asked, and even some that had not yet arisen. Give it away a few weeks before the baby is born so they are ready for this new stage .

Custom song

Create music for the baby. Personalize a lullaby that they can use for bedtime. Choose the musical style, the genre of the singer and adjust the lyrics to your liking. It will be a detail that parents will not forget and that the child will also be able to listen to when he is older.

Baby shower

Celebrations before the baby is born are becoming more and more fashionable, and it is a great detail that you take care of organizing your brother’s party . The guests, the decorations, the food, the occasional gift to prepare the baby’s wardrobe … You must coordinate all the variables so that this day is perfect and you give the baby the welcome it deserves .

Custom phones

Make an ornament for the baby’s crib by personalizing it . If dads are motor lovers, do it with motorcycles and cars; If they love to travel, you can put planes, maps and compasses. Here everyone’s imagination and craft skills already play . You can always order it for a more professional result.

So far some of our ideas to give to brothers and their baby if they are going to be parents. We hope that they have served you and that some have caught your attention. If you have other ideas or want to tell us your opinion , you can leave it to us in the comments and we will be delighted to read them.


by Abdullah Sam
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