Gifts and romantic surprises to win back your ex

Your relationship ended. You still have feelings and you want to get their love back.
Does it seem like an impossible mission?

Do not panic; we have the best surprises and gifts to win back your ex. You just need to think about what kind of details you like the most and be aware that, even if it is a long process, it will be worth it.

You will find very useful information to make him relive unique feelings with simple tools such as writing, with letters and poetry; photography, with albums and scrapbooks ; or even music, through personalized songs that talk about your relationship. Hear an example of how it would look.

Surprise and regain love with the fashionable gift!

Customize the Song to regain love

We understand that you find it difficult to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back, since, if the relationship ended, it was for some reason. However, we are faithful followers of the idea that, if you set your mind to it, everything is possible with a good attitude and effort . Take note of these five tips to get your ex back if you want to know the way to get his heart!

  • Reflect on the reason for the breakup. We know that it is painful to think about it, but it is the best way to understand the situation: what happened, who started the breakup, if there was one or more causes …
  • Think about why you want to get back with your ex. It is essential that it is for reasons such as that he makes you happy and is a good person to you and not because you do not want to be alone or because you get along great with his family.
  • Find out if you are still interested. It is possible that he has another relationship, that he is single, that he continues to think about you … Knowing if he continues to feel is key to solving it. Ask friends or family; If you open your heart to them, they will be happy to help you.
  • Let some time pass. Take about three to four weeks from the breakup. In that period, your ex will have reflected on whether she misses you and that will make the path easier for you. Delete the contact also through social networks!
  • The approach must be gradual. Reconciliation is a laborious process, so arm yourself with patience and optimism. You see connecting little by little to fan the spark of love. You do not want to run because the rush can overwhelm you and play against you.

Yes now! If you consider the relationship really important to fight tooth and nail for it, in this post we propose the best gifts and details to get it back.


  • How to impress your ex with romantic details and ideas
    • Dedicate a personalized song to your ex to get their love back
    • Ask your ex for a second chance with a dinner and romantic music
    • Win back your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend by going back to your favorite places
    • Create a scrapbook to surprise your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend
    • Win back your ex with one of his hobbies
  • The 10 best reconciliation gifts to get back with your ex

How to impress your ex with romantic details and ideas

Romanticism plays a key role in reconciliations. Your main objective is to reach the heart of your ex-partner so that they remember the best moments of your relationship and want to repeat them again, and, in this challenge, romance will be your best ally.

We do not want you to become someone you are not, since it is essential that you always be yourself, but you must bear in mind that sentimental details are essential to remind you.

Dedicate a personalized song to your ex to get their love back

You are looking for gifts to reconcile with your partner and you should know that, many times, the simplest is the most effective. Why not dedicate a song to your ex to make him / her fall in love again? Music is one of those simple but emotional details with which to win back. 

Look for one of those songs that reach the heart by its melody or its lyrics, the kind that take you to lived situations. Although, without a doubt, the only song that will perfectly represent who you have been, will always be a personalized song.

Customize the song to get the love back!

To make her hair stand on end, you just have to personalize the letter with your best moments and with the words necessary to conquer her heart. And if you still want more emotion, accompany the song with a video montage , where you include your photos and videos. You can send it to his email to make it a real reconquest surprise!

Ask your ex for a second chance with a dinner and romantic music

A homemade and romantic dinner is one of the most typical surprises; However, we are convinced that it works, which is why the best way to win someone over is through the stomach. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

An evening like this will give you the closeness, intimacy and romance that you need so much at this time. To start, make a list of your favorite dishes and prepare a tasting menu. Enter an original recipe to see that you do not lack initiative when planning different things.

That the environment is appropriate is as or more important than the food. Buy a nice tablecloth, scented candles, and some flowers to decorate the center of the table. The final touch will be given by two elements: photographs and music.

Print images of important moments in your relationship : your first photo, one that reflects kisses or hugs … You can stick them on a wall or buy several beautiful frames. Sure, when you see them, you shrink your heart.

On the other hand, background music will help to get where words cannot. Choose romantic melodies that speak of love or opt for originality by creating a personalized song to ask for a second chance . Modify the letter and add the appropriate words to represent your relationship.

Win back your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend by going back to your favorite places

Another simple and emotional idea to get back with your ex is to go back to your favorite places. You just have to think of special places for you: Where did you meet? Where did you kiss for the first time? Where did you like to walk?  If you want to get even more romantic, you can plan everything to  relive your first date. It will be so emotional that it is very likely that it will fall at your feet!

Preparing a route through the city or spending the day outdoors is another nice detail to win back your wife or to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Visit places you’ve never been together, have a picnic in the park, go up to your favorite viewpoint … Use your imagination and everything will be fine!

The main objective of returning to those places is to enjoy those moments, remembering what you were and for what reasons you were. Surely you feel weird at first, but that’s what you are for: make him laugh and make everything as natural as possible. Remember not to talk about the past relationship. Don’t be too hasty because remembering negative moments could lead to an uncomfortable situation and make the date worse.

Create a scrapbook to surprise your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend

The Scrapbooking allows you to create personalized photo albums in a home . You just have to collect everything you keep from your relationship: photos, emails, notes that you have sent, movie or concert tickets, bar coasters, travel postcards …

This technique will allow you to mix the photos and images of inspiration, memories, creativity and romanticism. Infallible ingredients.

If you want to give this detail a more original and creative touch to win back your ex-partner, your wife or your husband, you can use sewing techniques, origami, decoupage , collage … Don’t put limits on yourself and bring out your most creative side!

Another option is to create a  digital scrapbook to get your ex back. The idea is to be able to collect your most positive and emotional memories in one place. To do this, make a compilation of videos and photos and create a personalized video that includes all those moments together.

Win back your ex with one of his hobbies

There is nothing more beautiful in a relationship than sharing likes. Therefore, one of the best gifts to win back your ex is to offer him some plan related to his favorite hobbies . We are sure you will not be able to resist!

He likes to walk? Take him to some mountain area to hike. Do you prefer cycling? Rent a couple of bikes and plan an excursion. Music? A concert!

A romantic and original detail to impress your ex is to write a list of all those plans that he loved to do alone or with you and prepare a checkbook with vouchers to fulfill his wishes. For example, you can remember things that you wanted to do, but never did, such as: ‘Good for a hot air balloon ride’ or ‘Good for a scuba diving session’.

Make it clear that the checkbook is for you to complete together. In this way, if your ex still has a real interest in you, they will not hesitate to contact you. At that point, you will have earned their trust and probably their heart.

Show him that you want to fight to get his love back so that everything makes sense again.

The 10 best reconciliation gifts to get back with your ex

Here is our compilation with the 10 most emotional, original and effective ideas for you to be able to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend!

  1. Custom song. One of the best details in a reconquest will always be the music. There are song lyrics in which we recognize ourselves; but, without a doubt, only a personalized songallows us to identify ourselves one hundred percent. Thrill him with this gift that will collect your best moments!
  2. Homemade dinner and romantic music. A classic but practical detail. Light some candles, cook his favorite dishes and conquer his stomach. Add photos of you in frames or on the wall and play romantic music for an unbeatable atmosphere.
  3. Take him to your favorite places. Remember where you had the first kiss or which park was your favorite and take him to relive all those moments. You can also choose to recreate your first date or prepare a route through the city. The important thing is to be together and let yourself be carried away by the memories.
  4. Create a scrapbookThis technique allows you to make a personalized album with photos and messages. Collect all kinds of memories, from images to messages or movie tickets, and paste them into a blank album making up your story. You can also do it in its digital version!
  5. Bet on your hobbiesA great idea is to offer plans related to your hobbies. If you do not know which one to decide, prepare a checkbook with vouchers to fulfill those plans that your ex wanted to do, but never carried out.
  6. Send details periodically. Be very cautious! Sending details frequently can be a declaration of love or something overwhelming. Make sure your ex has a real interest in you because otherwise, they will end up feeling how much detail is heavy. Bouquets of flowers, chocolates, photos, poems, CD with music … All of them accompanied by small notes.
  7. Write him letters. A good idea is to write your own love story and turn it into short, multi-paragraph stories. Thus, your ex-partner will be able to read a part of your relationship each month and will look forward to the next one. This option will probably work better once you’ve already met in person.
  8. Roll your favorite movie. The most romantic idea, but also the most laborious. If you are willing, go ahead: create several scenes from his favorite movie, even better if it is about love, and take him to different settings to recreate it together.
  9. Forward your first messages to him. It may not be the most elaborate surprise, but it will make you remember the best of your relationship. Collect the most beautiful messages that you sent each other at the beginning of the relationship and send them to them through social networks or on paper. We are sure that you will reach the bottom of her heart!

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Can you help us complete this list? We want you to be the one who gives us the tenth surprise to achieve the best reconciliation with your ex-partner. Leave us in the comments what you have done to regain her love or what you would do in the future if you find yourself in this situation.


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