Ghost of Tsushima The Undying Flame Walkthrough

To learn new techniques and improve your Samurai skills, Mythic Tales plays a very important role in Ghost of Tsushima. Completing these tales will give you powerful equipment and skills to upgrade your arsenal. For this Ghost of Tsushima The Undying Flame guide, we will show you how to reach the top of Mount Jogaku to discover the mythical Art of the Way of Flame that sits at the top.

Ghost of Tsushima The Undying Flame

Starting point
Yamato is located north of the Jogaku temple. Take the intersection and you will find Yamato on a ridge on the right. He will be busy lighting a fire. Talk to him and light the fire which will start a comforting story from the camp fire.

A Meteor from Space and A Man from Earth
Once, a rock out of space fell on Mount Jogaku and a man touched it with a sword. His blade was set ablaze and no damage hit him. The man proceeded to build a fighting style known as “The Way of the Flame”.

He studied the rock and taught the way to others. After the Mongols discovered the sacred fighting style, they took it for themselves and made it part of their arsenal.

The original rock can still be found on Mount Jogaku if someone is willing enough to climb through the bitter cold.

Ascending Mount Jogaku
Climbing Mount Jogaku is hell. If you fail to get to a bonfire in time, you will suffer damage from extreme weather conditions. After talking to Yamato, go to the base of the mountain marked on your map.

Climb on the wall and use the ledges to advance. You will immediately stumble upon the first bonfire, and this is where you can get damaged by the cold.

Pass the fire and head to the rope bridge where you will encounter two wolves. Continuing straight, stick to the edge of the cliff to find another bonfire to the right.

Warm up and run forward where you will find another wolf. Jump and use the iron hook to climb to the other side.

To your left, you can find four wolves. Eliminate them as you see fit and proceed through the path forward.

You will find a climbing wall, on top of which is a bonfire. If you want, take a moment to breathe.

You will find a Samurai near the fire, but it is not important to our current objective. Only someone you can converse with if you feel a little too lonely in the cold of Mount Jogaku (Imagine how it feels).

Head left from the fire and cross the two rock cliffs, continue to follow the path to the right and climb the ledge to the left instead of proceeding across the two rock cliffs.

Go through the fallen tree and you can use your Iron Hook to swing over some trees to your left. An extinguished bonfire is found here along with a scroll. Light the fire to warm yourself.

Proceed forward and keep left. Climb to the ledge and use the rope to cross. Jump right and grab the branch to pull yourself up. Use your iron hook to grab the cliff and go higher.

Use the iron hook to traverse another empty space to an unlit bonfire. Once rested, climb up the wall near the frozen corpse and go through the crevice to the right where you will find a bear.

Skip the gap and head to the end of the path where you will find a rock that you can use to get up.

Take the stone steps and you will find yourself on Mount Jogaku Dojo where Bettomaru resides, who will teach you the Way of Flame.

Fighting Bettomaru
Bettomaru will tell you about the history of the Way of the Flame. To deem you worthy, he will challenge you to a friendly duel.

Bettomaru is a sword user, so stick to Stone Stance. When his sword is not on fire, you will be able to block and parry his attacks normally. However, his light attacks also become unlockable once he sets his sword on fire.

If you catch fire, roll on the ground to extinguish it. After dealing enough damage, you will be able to press R1 and ignite your sword in flames.

You will be able to gain the advantage as your attacks become unlockable at this stage. Get as aggressive as possible and you will be able to defeat Bettomaru.

Going back
To go back, don’t worry that you may have to repeat the entire route. Fortunately, you can go to the dojo and exit through the opposite door.

Here you will find a path that leads to a cliff with a hanging rope. Use it to go back to where you started.

Talk to Yamato to finish the quest and you’ll receive the orange Izanami Sword Grief Kit and the Way of Flame Mythic Art.

Set your sword on fire
Although you can do it as many times as you want during the battle. Once you get out of the fight with Bettomaru, you will need to find incendiary oil in the real world which is consumed every time you use the Way of the Flame. The oil can be purchased from trappers or simply found in fields, villages and tents.


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