Ghost of Tsushima Honor and Ash Walkthrough

In Honor and Ash your main task is to escape from Shimura Castle and meet Yuna on the sacred tree to collect your gear. In this Ghost and Tsushima Honor and Ash guide we have provided a comprehensive overview of the Honor and Ash mission with detailed information on the entire mission from start to finish.

Ghost of Tsushima Honor and Ash

The search for Honor and Ash begins with a cutscene in which Kenji explains how Yuna is waiting for your arrival in the frozen waste; in Kin to the sacred tree.

Once the cutscene is over, you will have the goal of escaping Shimura Castle.

There is a damaged fence near the gate 120m from your cabin, you can exit the castle and meet Sora; your horse, 40 meters from the escape position.

Once you jump onto your horse, it is attacked by a few archers and an emotional cutscene is triggered where the horse slowly dies but takes you to your position.

In Kin, move another 130m to reunite with Yuna, but be sure to stay hidden. You will encounter corpses and watch the whole area burn.

Once at the Sacred Tree, you won’t find Yuna, but you need to investigate another 10m until you find a corpse.

A cutscene triggers once you are near the corpse. You will find that the Mongols have somehow learned to make your poison and the people who have died have been experienced.

As soon as you find out, you will be stabbed with poison and pass out. You wake up with Yuna by your side telling you to take your gear off your chest and meet her at the Watchtower.

Collect the equipment and go to the Tower and meet Yuna. Grab the horses and go out with Yuna.

At the end of the ride, reach the frozen lake with Yuna on foot. Once at the lake, you will find few prisoners there. Then, go to the ice fishing camp and free the prisoners.

After saving the prisoners, fire the signal cannon to lure the Mongols towards you and use the explosives on the ice to kill them.

Now, go to Jogaku Temple, follow Yuna into the Temple and kill the Warlord along with his guards.

During the fight you will be poisoned, so be sure to press down to heal yourself. Once all the guards are defeated and the prisoners are free, talk to Yuna and finish the Honor and Ash mission.

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