Ghost of Tsushima Blood on the Grass Walkthrough

Blood on the Grass takes you deeper into Jin’s Journey to Tsushima Island as you embark on the operation to free Lord Shimura from the Mongols. This Ghost of Tsushima Blood on the Grass guide is a complete guide to the Blood on the Grass quest from start to finish.

Ghost of Tsushima Blood on the Grass

Blood on the Grass is the precursor to Lord Shimura’s rescue. You meet Ryuzo near Kashi’s Greenland and accompany him to the Straw Hat Camp to help them solve their problems.

Rewards: Increased Major Legend and Ronin Outfit

Blood on the Grass Walkthrough
On Tsushima Island, choose this mission from the map to get started. Start your quest by heading towards the coast from Kashi Greenland following the objective marker.

There you will find a cart on fire on the road that was ransacked. Investigate the cart to find 2x heavy Arrow and a dead man lying next to it.

Continue along the road to find the bodies lined up on the road, which leads into the woods. Follow them into the woods until you reach the marker-led search area.

You’ll find a straw hat on the ground and then meet Ryuzo shortly after. He is the leader of the straw hats; converse with him to ask him to help you save Lord Shimura.

He will tell you how the straw hats are starving and you will also offer him help.

In one case, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a couple of enemies. You have to kill them all to continue. The first few enemies are easy enough but gradually the enemies and shielded archers start engaging you.

You have to fight all the enemies and kill their captain to proceed. You will find that the water position is better against shielded enemies. Pull them out quickly to reach the archers who would have interrupted your movement.

Once all the enemies have been killed, follow Ryuzo to his Straw Hat camp. It will take some time; on the way you encounter a robbed merchant wagon and some supplies.

When you reach the camp, follow Ryuzo to his liar. Grab the Ronin Attire he offers and get ready to raid the fort to stock the Straw Hats.


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