Ghee to relieve obesity and constipation, know the benefits

If you think that eating ghee will increase obesity, then you must be surprised to know that according to Ayurveda , adding ghee to the diet can be relieved by many other problems like obesity and constipation . Let’s know 5 benefits of adding ghee in the diet –

1 provides relief from obesity

It is also believed that consuming ghee helps in getting rid of obesity. It is said that CLA in desi ghee keeps the metabolism right, which helps in weight control. Cholesterol is not found in cow’s ghee which helps to increase metabolism by melting frozen, stubborn fat in the body.

2 relieves constipation –

Consuming ghee helps in getting relief from constipation problem. According to Ayurveda, desi ghee extinguishes pitta, as well as helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Balances 3 hormones –

Desi ghee contains many nutrients besides vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin D, vitamin E. Its intake is considered extremely beneficial for pregnant women and lactating mothers among others.

4 bones strong –

Ghee is rich in vitamin K2, which helps to build up the fluid needed for bones. Therefore, the consumption of ghee also strengthens bones.

5 beneficial for skin and hair –

Massaging the face with ghee reduces dryness of the skin and helps in regaining lost facial moisture. Apart from this, massaging ghee on the head is beneficial for hair. Massaging ghee on the head helps in making hair thick and shiny.


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