Ghee or Ghi: nutritional content and properties of Indian clarified butter

Many of us do not use Ghee because of its saturated fat content. Although these are in fact linked to the increase in cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, small amounts of saturated fats are necessary for the functioning of different parts of the body such as: brain development, bone health, nervous system function and for improve the immune system.

Does Ghi / Ghee contain health benefits? Here are its properties and nutritional content

We all know that Ghee is prepared by heating the milk cream, and it contains both saturated and monosaturated fats. But the stable bonds of these fats in Ghee tend to form less free radical molecules, giving this butter the ability to be easily metabolized by the body and with less impact on health than other oils.

The health benefits offered by the ghee:

  • Ghee is composed of a chain of very short fatty acids, is therefore easily digestible and converts into energy very quickly
  • It stimulates the immune system due to its strong microbial properties
  • A wide range of vitamins such as A , D, E and K can easily be found in ghee. These vitamins are liposoluble, which means – they must be digested along with other fat molecules, because these vitamins get into the blood. Ghee also consists of many ordinary fats, mostly saturated fats, which allow our body to use these vitamins. Furthermore, vitamin A contained in ghee does not exist in other edible oils.
  • Helps promote flexibility and lubrication of the connective tissue.
  • It is good to consume moderately ghee thanks to its antiviral and anticarcinogenic properties
  • Indian ghee is a unique form among all edible oils , thanks to its high melting point, it does not burn and does not produce smoke when it is cooked and it does not carbonise at high temperatures like many other oils do.
  • It comes as a salt-free food, and is almost completely absent
  • Ghee is not made up of hydrogenated and transgenic fats, and therefore does not harm health
  • To increase the health of the mind and body a person should regularly use Indian ghee in their diet. This tends to be even more effective in increasing muscle mass , better vision and ultimately to disperse the accumulated toxins in the body.
  • In Ayurveda, ghee is considered a medicine to balance Vata and Pitta
  • People suffering from lactose intolerance and its derivatives can safely use it because they lack.
  • Those who suffer from high cholesterol but do not want to give up butter can replace it with ghee because it is low in fat compared to the first.
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