Get to know the most demanding marketing executive duties

Marketing Executive is one of the jobs that is currently popular and is in great demand by job seekers. Are you also interested in a career in this field? Or are you trying to find out what are the duties of a marketing executive that make people want a career there?

Actually, marketing executive has been around for a long time, but as technology and social media have developed, this job has become more and more familiar. On the other hand, there are still many who are confused about the difference between marketing executive, marketing manager and other similar jobs. Are the tasks the same or are there differences. Because the scope of marketing is very broad.

Therefore, let’s find out more about what the duties of a marketing executive are now in great demand, especially the current millennial generation. But first, let’s try to find out what a marketing executive is!

Know What is a Marketing Executive?

Before discussing what the marketing executive profession is, it is better if we define marketing itself. In general, marketing is the entire company’s marketing process in order to achieve the company’s sales targets well. Starting from market research, strategy determination, and campaign execution and sales in the field.

Marketing Executives are a part of the entire corporate marketing process. Marketing executives tend to be responsible for planning and developing campaign / promotional materials and their execution in the field.

Marketing executives also need to oversee the campaign / promotional materials for a product or service / service in an existing company. This Marketing Executive is in charge of determining the right way to build good relationships with customers / clients so that they can generate increased sales.

Marketing Executive Qualifications

If in general the description of a marketing executive’s profession is this, then what is certain is that a Marketing Executive needs to have and continue to hone the following skills:

  • Communication
    A marketing executive will be dealing with a wide variety of people. Be it as a potential customer or the media. Direct communication skills (personal or public speaking) are needed by marketing executives, especially to generate sales for the company. It is not uncommon for companies that involve marketing executives to participate in managing campaign / promotional materials on social media so that at least the marketing executives also know the basics of marketing writing.
  • Analyze the needs and characteristics of the target market
    . Who says that a marketing executive is only good at speaking to increase sales? Perhaps what is more visible than a marketing executive in public is the promotion side alone. Yet there is a process behind it that is no less challenging, namely analyzing the needs and characteristics of the target market. A marketing executive also needs to be observant about the needs and characteristics of the target market if he does not want the material and promotion methods in vain in front of the customer / client.
  • Creative
    thinking In addition to logical and analytical thinking in reading the needs and characteristics of target markets, marketing executives also need to have creative thinking patterns in creating sales. For example, when the Covid 19 pandemic broke out in Indonesia, automatically many meetings with customers / clients that were initially running normally were forced to be postponed and even canceled.
    If offline methods are now very difficult to do, why not try online methods that have the potential to bring in sales. For example, TikTok, which is currently a trend, is still relevant to the characteristics of the market and also the products being sold. If the marketing executive is not creative, he will definitely miss many sales opportunities. This is why a marketing executive also needs to hone creative-thinking skills in this digital era.
  • Ability to Negotiate The
    next skill a marketing executive needs to prepare is the ability to negotiate. This ability is closely related to communication, but it’s actually not only that. Negotiating also requires reading the conditions for an agreement. This is because marketing executives are very likely to meet markets that have different or conflicting goals.

Talking about the amount of salary, in general it is the same as any other profession. The more experienced you are and spawned a lot of achievements for the company, the salary and other facilities are very likely to increase. In 2019-2020, salaries for marketing executives who are still fresh graduates range from Rp. 2,500,000 to Rp. 5,000,000, but some reach Rp. 6,000,000 (depending on the company).

The journey of a large company to become a company that is able to sell products that are known to the public cannot be separated from the role of a marketing executive .

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It can be said that this position is quite important and is one of the spearheads of the company. At this point, maybe we already have an idea about the marketing executive profession! Next, we will discuss the duties of a marketing executive that are in great demand.

Job Description A Marketing Executive

1. Doing Market Research

The first task of a marketing executive is to conduct market research with the aim of knowing the needs and characteristics of the potential customer / audience according to the scope of their needs.

To plan and develop appropriate campaign / promotional materials, marketing executives need the right assumptions. In addition, do not forget to also examine current marketing trends or predictions of the future (as needed).

So, a Marketing Executive needs to be sensitive to changes in market trends so that he cannot still choose the right way of promotion. Do not let the product promotion / campaign planning be outdated and irrelevant to its prospective customers / clients.

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2. Carry out the Sales Process to Customers / Clients

One of the main duties of a marketing executive is to make sales to customers / clients. This process not only offers products or services but also includes maintaining good relationships with customers / clients. Because the sales process, especially if the goods or services are of sufficient value, usually requires a quite long customer journey .

It is the marketing executive’s job to convince the customer / line to make purchasing decisions. Of course, the method that is used by the marketing executive needs to be right, it should not appear to be pushy, because if that happens the client instead of buying will instead stay away from the product especially the company.

3. Updating Customer Data into the CRM System

In addition to dealing with customers / clients directly, a Marketing Executive also needs to record the data obtained as material for later analysis.

Previously, this data update was done manually, nowadays marketing executives also need to be familiar with an information system called Customers Relationship Management (CRM). Maybe you can start to find out how it works and also the tools that existing CRM systems have.

4. Organizing Events and Exhibitions Related to Products

Both company products in the form of goods and services often carry out event and exhibition strategies to promote their products.

If the company is holding an event or exhibition, the Marketing Executive is also in charge of organizing the upcoming event or exhibition so that it can run according to plans and targets. If necessary, marketing executives also need to collaborate with other departments within the company.

5. Creating an Innovative Marketing Strategy According to Market Analysis

It turns out that marketing executives also do not only deal with customers directly, but also need to think about ways and also promotional materials in various other media. This is the real challenge of the Marketing Executive profession.

If the company already has special staff such as creative writers and designers, this job will make marketing executives need to collaborate with them. Because the marketing strategy is very broad, including direct and indirect communication, such as:

  • Create a tagline
  • Using a marketing website
  • Making advertisements in various media such as television, radio, social media and others

All of this requires knowledge of content creation and writing and design skills. All these things are impossible for a marketing executive to do alone but need to collaborate with others.

6. Studying the Marketing Movements of Competitors

Apart from paying attention to target markets and market trends, marketing executives also need to study competitors in terms of marketing. The goal is that we can provide directions for promotional materials / product campaigns. Not to plagiarize the strategy.

But often in the marketing process, especially promotion, we will be inspired to see the material and implementation gaps of competitors. This is one way to keep marketing executives creative and find innovative strategies to boost sales.

7. Cooperating with Parties from the Media

The marketing process, especially in campaigns / promotions, is very possible to use various offline media such as printing or publishing. But does everything need to be used? Of course not. It all depends on the company’s analysis and capabilities.

Therefore, as a marketing executive, later you will also serve as a liaison, as well as a planner and oversee campaign / promotional materials in the media. For example, if you need to print flyers, make advertisements in print media, etc.

So at least you also need to pay attention to the characteristics of marketing through print media or even digital media. Because currently digital media is no less powerful than print media.

8. Making reports related to marketing campaigns

After carrying out a series of processes from planning to monitoring the campaign materials / promotion of company products, marketing executives are also required to make reports. This report is of course related to the process and evaluation of product promotion that has been carried out based on real data and clear analysis.

Therefore, marketing executives also need to learn to process data into a report that is easier to understand. Starting from the direct sales strategy to customers, events or exhibitions, to online and offline media that have been done. Do not forget to also attach financial data, because these activities usually require a company budget and need to be accounted for by the marketing executive.

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Jobdesc marketing executives in each company can have a difference. It could be that all the lists above need to be done or only part of it. It all depends on company policy and also your career level as a marketing executive at the company where you work.

After knowing the duties of a Marketing Executive above, are you increasingly interested in a career in this field? If so, don’t forget to prepare yourself as best you can to be better prepared for job interviews as a marketing executive later. Don’t forget to keep sharpening your skills to become a reliable marketing executive.


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