How to get perfect skins in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Hunting animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 is an art, and it is not worth doing it in any way , since depending on the weapons used we will get worse or better materials. Something important not only when it comes to selling them and being able to get a better price, but also because to make certain outfits for the trappers and overcome some challenges of Master Hunter , they ask us to get the skins in perfect condition .

For this when hunting you have to choose your equipment carefully so as not to damage the skins . In the first hours of the adventure, the bow is the best tool to achieve it , since it allows you to kill cleanly and silently . Always try to target the prey’s head or neck, which are the most sensitive parts of animals.


There are several types of special arrows that are very useful when hunting , such as arrows for small prey that allow you to obtain perfect skins from small animals such as rabbits, raccoons, turkeys and all kinds of birds. Poison arrows are also very useful, ideal for killing large animals quickly.

The arrows for small dams not be bought, you have to create them , this will have to go to the menu creation and need: arrows + normal shotgun cartridge + quill pen. To create other types of arrows, such as poisoned arrows, you will have to previously acquire the knowledge in a guide, which you can buy from the perista .

Below we explain how to get perfect fur by hunting each type of animal , indicating the weapons that we must use.

How to get perfect skin

Small animals

  • Optimal weapon:Bow with arrows for small prey.
  • Types of animals: Reptiles (bull frog, toad, snake), Birds (blue jay, cardinal, American amphibian, crow, oriole, pigeon, robin, songbird, sparrow, woodpecker, parakeet, hen, duck, loon, parrot, pheasant, quail, large crow, gannet, rooster, seagull), Mammals (bat, squirrel, rat).

Moderate animals

  • Optimal weapon:Varmint 22 caliber rifle.
  • Animal types: Reptiles (iguana, Gila monster), Birds (eagle, crane, cormorant, egret, hawk, heron, owl, pelican, spoonbill, turkey, vulture, condor, goose) Mammals (rabbit, armadillo, badger, rat musk, opossum, raccoon, skunk).

Medium animals

  • Optimal Weapons:Bow (Normal, Poisoned Arrows), Poisoned Throwing Knife, Replay Weapon (with any of its ammunition, minus the Explosive).
  • Types of animals: Mammals (coyote, fox, pig, beaver).

Big animals

  • Optimal weapons:Bow (normal, poisoned arrows), poisoned throwing knife, rifle (with any of its ammunition, minus the explosive), precision rifle (with any of its ammunition, minus the explosive).
  • Types of animals: Reptiles (small alligator, turtle), Mammals (wild boar, male deer, cougar, panther, mouflon ram, wolf, deer, pronghorn, goat, sheep, peccary).

Huge animals

  • Optimal Weapons:Bow (poisoned or upgraded arrows), poisoned throwing knife, rifle (with any of its ammunition, minus the explosive), precision rifle (with any of its ammunition, minus the explosive), shotgun with studs.
  • Types of animals: Reptiles (alligator), Mammals (bear, bison, bull, uapití, elk, ox, cow).

How to hunt animals without shooting

One of the main disadvantages when it comes to obtaining perfect skins , or corpses in order to complete the Hunting Requests , is that, many times, we damage the piece with a bad shot . Well, there is a way to shoot prey without shooting , eliminating the possibility of damaging the skin or body.

First of all, it should be noted that it does not work with all animals , only with medium-sized animals (deer, pronghorn, cows, etc.). This is especially useful in online mode , where perfect value animals are much more frequent and selling their bodies and skins is a good source of income . Don’t try to do it with a bear, bison, or panther . Spoilers: It will end badly, with you dead and a possible strange expression on your face as it devours you.

How to shoot down perfect prey without shooting

The system is really simple, really. You just have to chase your target and throw the lasso at him . When you are right and you have put it around your neck, your character will dismount (if you are on horseback, which would be the normal thing) and you will be able to approach it while holding your resistance bar.

Once you are close enough, the “Kill” option will appear . The result is quite direct, your character will take out his hunting knife and cut the animal’s throat. In this way you will not harm the skin or the body , the quality it has will be completely maintained and you can take advantage of its remains for what you consider appropriate.

Remember that for aggressive and smaller prey you will still need to know the weapon and ammunition according to the piece so as not to damage your hide. Do not worry about this while you go for the legendary animals , their skins are always of the highest quality no matter what you do.

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